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AOpen Incorporated

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manufacturer of products including motherboards, CPU coolers, monitors, multimedia add-on cards, and housings


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GSM1 SN 4681A 05663-5-45955403 currently running in prod line new CPU card lots of feeders included

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ML-A410  SMT Automated Optical Inspection Machine

ML-A410 SMT Automated Optical Inspection Machine

New Equipment | Inspection

ML-A410  SMT Automated Optical Inspection Machine  Feature ▶Economical and practical AOI. ▶High precision detection platform design. ▶Fast programming debugging integration. ▶Automatic recognize the Tip and Bottom side. ▶Professional SPC system.

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

I.C.T Digit Electronic Smd Component Counting Systems X Ray Chip Counter

I.C.T Digit Electronic Smd Component Counting Systems X Ray Chip Counter

New Equipment | Component Counters / SMD Counters

I.C.T | Smt Reel Digit Component Counting Systems Smd X-ray Chip Counter Overview Features: ● "99.98 ~ 100% " Accuracy● Best counting speed "around 7 secongds/ reel" ● 7 reel simultaneous 3x Counting speed "around 7 seconds" ● Including load

Dongguan Intercontinental Technology Co., Ltd.

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reflow CPU Socket Open Joint boards again

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 26 12:39:00 EDT 2006 | spari77

we encounter some open joint on the CPU socket after rework. We tried to reflow the boards again (using BGA rework machine) and found that the contact issue was resolved. Is there any risk to perform a reflow again on the CPU Socket boards without re

Zevatech 570L Replacement Control CPU - INTERESTED?????

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 15 16:51:55 EDT 2005 | Pete

I have a 570 with a failed CPU board. We may develop a replacement computer ourselves, is there anybody out there with 570, 710, 720's in need of a CPU?

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Vitronics XPM2-1240 Reflow Oven

Vitronics XPM2-1240 Reflow Oven

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Reflow

Edge Rail No Mesh Belt Notes: The system does not have a controller. CPU damage Fan speed controller damage Motor conveyor damage Serial: X2N120009 Features: Dimensions: 239" x 57" x 70"

Baja Bid

Vitronics XPM3i 1030 Reflow Oven

Vitronics XPM3i 1030 Reflow Oven

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Reflow

Edge Rails Mesh Belt Notes: Fan speed controller damage CPU damage Serial: RI-X3N1046000 Features: Dimensions: 230" x 58" x 69"

Baja Bid

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parvus Corp. Now Shipping its Biothenticator� PC/104 Biometric Fingerprint Sensor Module for Embedded System User Authentication

Industry News | 2003-03-27 08:15:33.0

Modular Embedded Circuit Board from parvus Enables Local Device Fingerprint Biometrics


International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference (IWLPC) Workshops

Industry News | 2016-08-23 16:25:55.0

The SMTA and Chip Scale Review magazine are pleased to announce the Workshops for the 13th Annual International Wafer-Level Packaging Conference (IWLPC). On Thursday, October 20, there will be professional workshops given by instructors who are pre-eminent authorities in their fields. IWLPC will be held October 18-20, 2016 at the DoubleTree Airport Hotel in San Jose, California.

Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)

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Optimizing Reflowed Solder TIM (sTIMs) Processes for Emerging Heterogeneous Integrated Packages

Technical Library | 2023-01-17 17:12:33.0

Reflowed indium metal has for decades been the standard for solder thermal interface materials (solder TIMs or sTIMs) in most high-performance computing (HPC) TIM1 applications. The IEEE Heterogeneous Integration Thermal roadmap states that new thermal interface materials solutions must provide a path to the successful application of increased total-package die areas up to 100cm2. While GPU architectures are relatively isothermal during usage, CPU hotspots in complex heterogeneously-integrated modules will need to be able to handle heat flux hotspots up to 1000W/cm2 within the next two years. Indium and its alloys are used as reflowed solder thermal interface materials in both CPU and GPU "die to lid/heat spreader" (TIM1) applications. Their high bulk thermal conductivity and proven long-term reliability suit them well for extreme thermomechanical stresses. Voiding is the most important failure mode and has been studied by x-ray. The effects of surface pretreatment, pressure during reflow, solder flux type/fluxless processing, and preform design parameters, such as alloy type, are also examined. The paper includes data on both vacuum and pressure (autoclave) reflow of sTIMs, which is becoming necessary to meet upcoming requirements for ultralow voiding in some instances.

Heller Industries Inc.

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Juki 2050 CABLE BEAR ASSY 40069117


40001440 KB CLAMP 40001441 KB STAND 40001444 BRAND MARK 50L 40001448 KNOB 40001450 BRAND MARK 60L 40001451 SAFETY COVOR GUARD (EN) 40001453 SAFETY SWITCH BRACKET 40001454 GAS SPRING B 40001456 FR GUARD (EN) 40001459 COVER RMR (EN) E8601716C

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

Juki 2050&2060 Y axis Motor 40000727 TS4616N1020E200


40045466     Z4 SLOW DOWN SENSOR ASM 40045468     Z5 SLOW DOWN SENSOR ASM 40045469     Z6 SLOW DOWN SENSOR ASM 40045470     Z7 SLOW DOWN SENSOR ASM 40045471     Z1 EJECTOR ASM 40045472     Z2 EJECTOR ASM E86247150A0 BOC LIGHT CIRCUIT BOARD ASM

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

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An Experienced Project Manager and Product Manager

Career Center | Toronto, Ontario Canada | Engineering,Production,Purchasing,Sales/Marketing

A dedicated professional with 17+ years of experience in product management, marketing, project management, engineering and manufacturing. Demonstrated ability to interact with customers and manage cross-functional teams to drive business growth. 4+

Technical Resume

Career Center | Toronto, Ontario Canada | Production,Quality Control,Technical Support

HIGHLIGHTS OF QUALIFICATIONS • Over 5 years of experience working as a Technical Support person, Onsite Technician in maintenance and operation of business environment to support business such as inventory of equipments and supplies as well as softw

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CPU Board Upgrade Procedure

GPD Global |

CPU Board Upgrade Procedure CPU Board Upgrade Procedure for CPU Board Upgrade Kit PN 22292000 Overview Purpose This procedure details how to upgrade the computer in your MAX Series or DS Series

GPD Global


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Selective soldering solutions with Jade soldering machine

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Real Time Process Control BREAKTHROUGH for Dispensing Industry.
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World's Best Reflow Oven Customizable for Unique Applications
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