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Authorized manufacturer, re-manufacturer and service center of Contact Systems CS-400 Series Through Hole Cut & Clinch insertion machines and C3 and C5 First Generation Series SMT placement PCB assembly machines.

June Lake Enterprises

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Company has extensive experience in operation, programming, preventative maintenance, repair, and operator training of Contact Systems CS400E, CS400D, and CS400C semi-automatic component assembly machines. Also, CS740BS, CS740BD and Quad testing.

Magellan Service Corporation

Industry Directory | Pick and Place / Repair / Rework / Service Provider

Service, installation, training, refurbishing of thru hole and SMT equipment, specializing in machines manufactured by Contact Systems

AM Manufacturing Inc

AM Manufacturing Inc

Industry Directory | Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs / Assembly / Soldering / Turnkey / Contract Manufacturer

World class quality and pricing for automated through hole electronics assembly. SMT line currently being added.


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