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Fuji IP 2 Servo NG error?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 10 14:11:42 EDT 2009 | rodrigo

Ok I checked and here are the results... Z1 11CS3x Green LED on Q1 11cs4x Green LED on Z2 12cs3x Green LED off (This is the relay I mentioned in my original post). Q2 12cs4x Green LED on M1CR4x Green LED off The servopack SA-6 is the one with the

Fuji IP 2 Servo NG error?

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 09 17:42:56 EDT 2009 | smellew

ok Please power on the machine & confirmed that M1CP 2 is ok this is the breaker for the 35V & check M1cp1 now look at the drawings at address 1011 & check the axis ready relays Z1 11CS3x 151-GB Closed is ok if open see address 5402 Z1 servo amp is f


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