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ZHUHAI HIGH-TECH ZONE LENTHEM TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. located in Zhuhai, A beautiful coast city in Guangdong Province, China. We are specialized in researching & developing, manufacturing, trading DRY CABINET and damp proof wardrobe

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JUKI Fast Smart Modular Mounter RS-7R

JUKI Fast Smart Modular Mounter RS-7R

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Fast Smart Modular Mounter RS-1R standard 150mm conveyor extensions, 250mm conveyor extensions,  upstream and downstream upstream and downstream Board siz

KingFei SMT Tech

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Mixing conformal coating and RTV

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 21 11:43:03 EDT 2005 | davef

We understand the problem of trying to coat over RTV. We have seen the same problem with acrylic and urethane coatings not wanting to stick to RTV. Some acrylics seem to be worse than urethane. Since this is a new product, may be you could pot your

Conformal Coat and RTV

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 03 21:20:22 EST 2007 | davef

Comments are: * General purpose RTV (RTV-108) releases an acetic acid (vinegar) during cure and corrodes copper, brass and sensitive metals. It is therefore NOT for use in delicate electrical or electronic applications. However, there is an electrica

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Anritsu S400A

Anritsu S400A

Used SMT Equipment | General Purpose Test & Measurement

S400A Site Master Broadband one-port transmission line and antenna analyzer Covering the broadcasting, paging, PMR, SMR, AMPS/DAMPS, GSM 900/1800, PCS 1900, ISM, and WLL frequency bands, the S400A is a handheld instrument designed to address the 3.7

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Stanford Research SR785

Stanford Research SR785

Used SMT Equipment | General Purpose Test & Measurement

Stanford Research SR785 The Stanford Research SR785 Two-Channel Dynamic Signal Analyzer is a precision, full-featured signal analyzer that offers state-of-the-art performance at a price that's less than half that of competitive analyzers. Buildin

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Engineered Conductive Materials Launches Fast Curing High Tg Conductive Adhesive CA-100 for Ribbon Stringing CIGS Solar Modules

Industry News | 2012-08-10 07:00:10.0

Engineered Conductive Materials introduces its new fast curing Conductive Adhesive CA-100 for stringing and bussing next-generation CIGS solar modules.

Engineered Materials Systems, Inc.

Engineered Conductive Materials Introduces Low-Cost, Flexible Conductive Adhesive CA-141

Industry News | 2012-12-04 15:55:26.0

Engineered Conductive Materialsintroduces the fast curing CA-141 Conductive Adhesive for stringing and bussing next-generation CIGS solar modules.

Engineered Conductive Materials, LLC

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Panasonic MSF MPAG3 BM GXAS-SD15-40 damper cylinder

Panasonic MSF MPAG3 BM GXAS-SD15-40 damper cylinder

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Pansonic MSF MPAG3 BM GXAS-SD15-40 damper cylinder Parameters: Brand:panasonic Type:MSF MPAG3 BM damper cylinder Part number:GXAS-SD15-40 Application:Pansonic MSF MPAG3 BM machine

KingFei SMT Tech

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Interconnect Reliability Correlation with System Design and Transportation Stress

Technical Library | 2020-10-18 19:35:05.0

Interconnect reliability especially in BGA solder joints and compliant pins are subjected to design parameters which are very critical to ensure product performance at pre-defined shipping condition and user environment. Plating thickness of compliant pin and damping mechanism of electronic system design are key successful factors for this purpose. In additional transportation and material handling process of a computer server system will be affected by shock under certain conditions. Many accessories devices in the server computer system tend to become loose resulting in poor contact or solder intermittent interconnect problems due to the shock load from the transportation and material handling processes.

MiTAC International Corporation

Durable Conductive Inks and SMD Attachment for Robust Printed Electronics

Technical Library | 2018-10-24 18:04:12.0

Polymer Thick Film (PTF)-based printed electronics (aka Printed Electronics) has improved in durability over the last few decades and is now a proven alternative to copper circuitry in many applications once thought beyond the capability of PTF circuitry. This paper describes peak performance and areas for future improvement.State-of-the-art PTF circuitry performance includes the ability to withstand sharp crease tests, 85C/85%RH damp heat 5VDC bias aging (silver migration), auto seat durability cycling, SMT mandrel flexing, and others. The IPC/SGIA subcommittee for Standards Tests development has adopted several ASTM test methods for PTF circuitry and is actively developing needed improvements or additions. These standards are described herein. Advantages of PTF circuitry over copper include: varied conductive material compositions, lower cost and lower environmental impact. Necessary improvements include: robust integration of chip and power, higher conductivity, and fine line multi-layer patterning.

Engineered Materials Systems, Inc.

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Siemens DP-Drive 03058627S06


00376260-05 Upgrade Package SIPLACE C Pro (V3.2) 00376294S01 SPRING PLATE (DPF) 00376301S01 Support for rocker 1 assy (DPF) 00376330-03 Software WIN 2003 Server (3), SiplacePro 00376350-09 SOFTWARE WIN XP-SP3 Machine SiPro-2.09 00376370-09 Softw

Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

High Quality High Speed FPC/PCB UV Laser Cutting Machine

High Quality High Speed FPC/PCB UV Laser Cutting Machine


355nm 10W /15W High-Precision CCD FPC/PCB UV Laser Cutting Machine With Perfect CAM interface, it supports the mainstream of the drilling and milling file format; man-machine interface is friendly; optical path is sealed, and it also has stable an

YUSH Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd

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