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SONY SI-F209 Compact Multi-function Mounter

SONY SI-F209 Compact Multi-function Mounter

New Equipment |  

The F209 fine-pitch SMT equipment is compact (4' in length) and features the new Flying Vision & Nozzle Change system that dramatically reduces time loss do to excessive head movement. Flying Nozzle Change (High-Precision Mounting) allows zero de-ra

Sony Manufacturing Systems America, Inc

51196655-100 Power Supply

51196655-100 Power Supply

New Equipment | Board Handling - Pallets,Carriers,Fixtures

Unik You +86 18030205725     The P01 power supply provides 5VDC and 24VDC to satisfy the power requirements of a rack with a controller and local I/O, a rack with a scanner, and remote I/O. The 60-watt capacity allows for al


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room standard of PCBA workshop,for example temperature,humidity

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 10 11:07:33 EDT 2003 | fmonette

Another important element to consider is the impact of ambient temperature and humidity on Moisture Sensitive Components. The majority of plastic encapsulated ICs are classified as moisture-sensitive devices (MSD). This means that they are qualifie


Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 10 08:43:10 EST 2006 | jax

There is no set formula. You need to customize this number around your operation. Depending on how you account for: Capital Equipment Costs Utilities Building Costs Overhead services Consumables ( Flux, Paste, Glue, ...... ) Once you get the costs

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The Redesign of a High Reliability Avionics Power Supply

Technical Library | 2009-09-09 14:30:40.0

Power supply design for avionics has become an area of increased activity over the past few years. New to the market are industrial quality, high current, lithium based battery systems. Available from a wide variety of vendors, these batteries are characterized by their low weight and high- energy availability...

Orchid Technologies Engineering & Consulting, Inc.

High Voltage Chip Resistors

Technical Library | 2010-10-21 16:01:17.0

Many component engineers are faced with a circuit requirement calling for resistors having voltage ratings well above that associated with surface mount chip resistors, but below the level of conventional high voltage resistors which are generally availab


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SMT reflow oven machine

ShenZhen J-Wide Electronics Equipment Co.,Ltd |

. A cooling rate of 4°C/s is commonly suggested . It is a parameter to consider when analyzing process results . Noticias Noticias de la Industria Noticias de la

ShenZhen J-Wide Electronics Equipment Co.,Ltd



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