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DEK 248 icon i2 screenprinter BIOS settings

Electronics Forum | Sun Oct 21 22:05:01 EDT 2018 | srini1904

Hello, We have Dek 248 Icon i2 semi auto screen printer. This machine was not in use for long time and Bios battery was dead. We replaced Bios battery and now date are correct. Issue is its not communicating to control board. Suspecting Bios setti

Screen Printer

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 03 20:54:06 EDT 2011 | dekhead

The "low line" DEKs are made in China now (same ones marketed in China under the ICON nameplate)... Higher level are still made in UK... I thinkk similar with MPM; I know they are still producing machines in Mass... Both suffer from cost down manufa


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