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Selective Wave Soldering system

SIP Technology Co Ltd

SPA - R Selective Solder Rework System

SPA - R Selective Solder Rework System

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The bench top machine SPA-R is a manual solder station to rework leaded components such as connectors etc. Due to RoHS conform electronics the lead free solder temperature raised which made the rework of THT components with a solder iron even more d


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Cleaning a Used (Preowned) Selective Solder Machine

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 02 16:47:03 EDT 2015 | curiousman

Hi all, My company recently purchased a preowned EBSO SPA 400-F, and I am trying to get it up and running. Still need to get a few other parts like a nozzle and nitrogen generator, but in the meantime I was looking to clean out the residues and oxid

Selective Solder Pot Leaded - Next Steps?

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 21 15:28:14 EDT 2016 | curiousman

My company bought a used EBSO SPA 400-F selective solder machine at an auction. At the time we bought it we were not sure what kind of solder it was. So we had the solder sent in and analyzed, and it was leaded instead of lead-free. What options do I

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Westkleen ebso spa 250

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lookig for Selective Solder machine. Pls offer.  


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Pin in Paste Stencil Design for Notebook Mainboard

Technical Library | 2008-03-18 12:36:31.0

This paper examines the construction of a notebook mainboard with more than 2000 components and no wave soldering required. The board contains standard SMD, chipset BGAs, connectors, through hole components and odd forms placed using full automation and soldered after two reflow cycles under critical process parameters. However, state of the art technology does not help if the process parameters are not set carefully. Can all complex BGAs, THTs and even screws be soldered on a single stencil? What will help us overcome bridging, insufficient solder and thombstoning issues? This paper will demonstrate the placement of all odd shape components using pin-in-paste stencil design and full completion of the motherboard after two reflow cycles.

Vestel Electronic

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SPA NC Soldering machine

SPA NC Soldering machine


The Ebso SPA 300 NC is an automatic selective soldering system with manual loading. Solder bath and solder pump is covered with nitrogen. Designed for automatic soldering of connectors, transformers, coils and other conventional components. Especiall

A-Tek Systems Group LLC

EBSO SPA NC soldering machine

EBSO SPA NC soldering machine


The SPA range of systems starts from manual machines all the way up to fully automatic solder centres. The Ebso SPA 300/400 NC is an automatic selective soldering system with manual loading. Solder bath and solder pump is covered with nitrogen. Desi


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