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Reflow profiler / mole /Thermal Couple

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 02 11:23:44 EST 2004 | pjc

ECD has some advantages in terms of upgrade path. Once you buy the ECD SuperM.O.L.E., you can use it in a OvenRIDER, WaveRIDER and ReworkRIDER products. The OR, WR and RR are solder machine management devices for solder process control. Where profile

Reflow profiler / mole /Thermal Couple

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 02 15:59:04 EST 2004 | russ

Matt, are you still just doing SIPAD? If so, Manncorp has a profiler for about $1k It requires a p.c. to be hooked up while profiling and it won't take data points any faster than 1 point every 2 seconds. but could be adequate for your needs. (www.

Reflow profiler / mole /Thermal Couple

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 02 10:23:38 EST 2004 | mapell

Hey Matt We manufacture reflow equipment and use all types of profilers. We currently use ECD, KIC, and DataPaq in our testing depending on how our customers want to see the data. In my experience they are all good systems. I have not really ru

Wave and Reflow Profiler

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 19 05:00:07 EST 2008 | muarty

We have used both Datapaq and ECD Mole in the past. Either system will do the job for you, slight preference would be for the ECD system.

Wave Rider

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 30 13:06:11 EST 1998 | C.K.

Anyone have any experience with ECD's Waverider/MOLE profiling equipment? If so, were they positive experiences?

Thermal Profilers

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 21 07:58:35 EST 2006 | Aaj

Comparing KIC and ECD Gold mole profilers, which one is easier to buy batteries for? and why?

Thermal Profilers

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 28 15:34:19 EST 2008 | slthomas

I have used the ECD MOLE and had no complaints. I also checked out a Datapaq at one time and really liked the software but it was a little on the spendy side. ECD provides free upgrades to their software which does provide some fairly helpful pred

Electrovert Omniflo 7 reflow ovens

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 30 13:22:47 EDT 2001 | arzu

180deg More important are the preheat and soakzones and temp ramps. How to check: I used to do it as follows: use a TEST-PCB with fixed thermocouples and connect it to the mole. Print the profile on transparant paper. do it again e.g. each week and

ECD OvenChecker

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 14 12:24:59 EDT 2013 | action_101

Thats nice sfeinsp. I have also used several of ECD's products including the Super Mole Gold and the V-mole and they are fine products. My question was is anybody using the ECD OvenChecker system and what are your thoughts on the product.

Reflow profiling Heller 1500SX

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 12 18:37:54 EDT 2008 | shanenaturalpoint

Does anyone out there have experience reflow profiling with a Heller 1500SX? At my past places of business, I had an ECD Super MOLE, and I got pretty reliant on it. Need some help getting to where I need to go with this software. Thanks in advance

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