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siemens feeders spare parts

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 20 04:45:47 EDT 2006 | twentech

Dear O.K. We have for sale: 1. one Siemens feeder 12/16 mm part no. 00141092-04. Can be used for electrical motor. Price: EUROS 150.00 ex warehouse in the Netherlands 2. ten Siemens feeders brand new in original boxes 2x8 mm partno. 00141096-04. Pr

SMD machine

Electronics Forum | Mon May 18 13:09:55 EDT 1998 | Edward P. Woldendorp, TwenTech

Wanted: by customer in the Netherlands: + used Zevatech PM575 SMD machine or comparable make and type having .4mm pitch and Vision. Capicity: 4,000 comp/hour will do. If available please give full configuration, age, location, asking price. Thank you

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