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AQUANOX® A4241 - Solution for PCB & Stencil Cleaning

AQUANOX® A4241 - Solution for PCB & Stencil Cleaning

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AQUANOX® A4241 is an aqueous cleaning solution designed with revolutionary inhibition technology to be effective on the toughest soils while protecting even the most sensitive parts from etch or darkening. AQUANOX® A4241can be used in multi-p

KYZEN Corporation

shielding cans for pcb mount

shielding cans for pcb mount

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Material: nickle silver Thickness: 0.3mm Tolerance: ±0.127mm Packing: shield frame in tape and reel,shield cover in common tray Certificate: ROHS,material data sheet,ISO9001:2015 Delivery time: 20 days for tooling,10 days for mass prod

Ningbo Hexin Electronics Co.,Ltd.

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Looking for components data sheet

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 14 17:17:34 EDT 2002 | Benny

I am looking for cmos crystal oscillator data sheet or part number and DC/DC converter of +5V,-5V,3.6V data sheet or part number. I will be happy to recive any answers.

Looking for components data sheet

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 20 17:18:12 EDT 2002 | melo_guy

What specs are you looing for? who is the manufacturer? If you need to find a crystal or oscillator for a project, check out If you have any needs e-mail me at

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ZESTRON Announces Global Implementation of GHS Labels for All Product Lines

Industry News | 2015-10-05 20:58:49.0

ZESTRON is pleased to announce the standardization of ZESTRON’s products labels and Safety Data Sheets to the United Nations' new Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS).

ZESTRON Americas

Nordson ASYMTEK's Programmable Tilt + Rotate Uses 5 Axes for Fluid Dispensing

Industry News | 2015-07-08 14:20:26.0

Nordson ASYMTEK, a Nordson company (NASDAQ: NDSN), a global leader in dispensing, jetting, and coating equipment and technologies, announces its new Programmable Tilt + Rotate 5-Axis Fluid Dispenser that enables the jet to dispense using 5 axes of automated control instead of only 3 axes. The additional X and Y tilt modes enable dispensing from a vertical position and at varying tilt angles along all four sides of a device and up the side of a substrate or component, especially for 3D packages, while meeting stringent requirements for precision, accuracy, and speed. It enables dispensing of underfill, encapsulant, and coating fluids around tall substrate components on PCBs, flexible circuits, and in densely populated boards; provides precision fluid delivery to multiple sides of the latest-generation mobile device cases and sub-component camera modules by moving the nozzle tip closer to a target location such as a vertical wall; and dispenses into tight corners and narrow gaps in advanced packages.


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New Requirements for SIR Measurement

Technical Library | 2015-02-27 16:46:30.0

During the last period of newly assembled electrical devices (pcbs), new component types like LGA and QFN were also qualified as well as smaller passive components with reliability requirements based on the automotive and industrial industry. In the narrow gaps under components, residues can accumulate more by the capillary forces. This is not that much a surface resistance than an interface issue. Also that the flux residues under such types of components creates interaction with the solder resists from the pcb, as well as the component body was not completely described in the standard SIR measurement. On the other hand also, electrical influence with higher voltage creates new terms and conditions, in particular the combination of power and logic in such devices. The standard SIR measurement cannot analyze those combinations.The paper will discuss the requirements for a measurement process, and will give results. The influences of the pcb and component quality will also be discussed. Furthermore it will describe requirements for nc solder paste to increase the chemical/thermical/electrical reliability for whole devices


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How to Read High-Tech Conversions Technical Data Sheet - High-Tech Conversions


. The information listed on High-Tech Conversions’ data sheet is for guidance only and cannot be supplied as a warranty.   This entry was posted in Cleanroom , Cleanroom News Blog

Data IO Pro-LINE Roadrunner Component Programmer - Capital Equipment Exchange


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