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Free Onsite ESD Evaluation???

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 27 11:58:34 EST 2007 | jax

I doubt anything is free but... Try Southwest Systems ( http://www.swsystems.com ) They might evaluate your company in hopes to land future sales. They provide a wide assortment of ESD training and materials. Contact Info: (Austin Location) Russell

universal radial 5 cable

Electronics Forum | Wed May 27 14:20:14 EDT 2015 | travishemen

Try Dan Chretien at Southwest Automation Consultants. He has helped us with many parts. http://www.southwestautomationconsultants.com/ 928-853-2090 swuicsup@aol.com

UIC VCD E-Palm/Limit Switch Fault.

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 06 14:27:14 EST 2018 | charliedci

Contact Dan Chretien at Southwest Automation Consultants. He has helped me with our old UIC axial inserter. He has a website.

Radial 5 Cannot Connect to UIC

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 27 09:51:43 EDT 2018 | charliedci

Try contacting Dan Chretien at Southwest Automation. He has helped me with our old 6241A UIC axial. He has a web page.

RoHS Compliant PCB Repair Kit

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 05 13:00:54 EDT 2006 | Mario Scalzo, SMT CPE

Good afternoon! We have a Hand Assembly & Rework Pb-Free RoHS compliant kit available! Please email me offline. Should you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. My contact information is below. Regards, Mario Scalzo, SMT CPE


Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 10 09:49:49 EDT 1999 | C.K.

1 MOHM, 18 MOHM)? What state are you located? What type of volume will you use (1 drum per week, month, year)? Mike (800) 218-8128 We are located in Illinois (Southwest Suburb of Chicago). Our usage will probably be in the 1 dru

Solder-ability problems with SN100C Lead Free HASL

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 05 11:59:51 EDT 2006 | Mario Scalzo, SMT CPE

Good afternoon all! Theoretically, there should not be any issues soldering to the SN100C as the tin content of the molten paste alloy should wet to the finish with no problem. I would just ensure that the peak temperature of the joint is above the

Auto Insertion multi purpose workboard holder

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 09 09:16:17 EDT 2008 | davef

Fixture parts * H+W Test Products; 58 Industrial Ct, Seekonk, MA, USA 02771; 508-336-3200 F508-336-6855 http://www.hwtestproducts.com Tom Myers * Carr Lane; 4200 Carr Lane Ct, POBox191970 St Louis, MO 63119-2196; 314-647-6200 F5736 http://www.carrl

UIC Radial Inserter

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 11 00:31:31 EDT 2003 | swuicsup

Marcel, Reconfiguring your machine from 80 to 20 stations is quite easy. In the sequencer portion of your machine, it has it's own I/O box. in it, there's the MIT card, location (1). The bit switches are there to inform the controller in the in

Midchip solderballs (MCSB) on pb-free

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 05 12:35:38 EDT 2006 | Mario Scalzo, SMT CPE

Good afternoon! We are able to offer some insight into this and fix your issues. A lot of the time, we are able to offer relief from MCSB using profiling. We have a Technical Paper and Application Note for the elimination of them. They can be fou

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