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After market preheaters for Electrovert wave machine(s)

Electronics Forum | Tue May 07 10:32:13 EDT 2002 | Todd M. Troyer

Does any one know where I can get after-market preheaters for an Electrovert Econopak II SMT wave?

PB Free Wave Solder Pot

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 11 11:52:06 EDT 2008 | edmneb

Anyone know of a place to get a replacement pot for an Electrovert Econopak II SMT? Preferably a titanium pot? We currently have a machine that is running SN100C and it seems to be developing some pitting in the metal of the pot. We would like to

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Electrovert Econopak II/16F SMT

Electrovert Econopak II/16F SMT

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Wave

This item is included in the August 21-24 Online Auction. Please visit the following website for all of the details. http://bajabid.hibid.com/catalog/108607/august-2017-online-auction/?cpage=3

Baja Bid

Electrovert Econopak Plus

Electrovert Econopak Plus

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Wave

Good Running Dual wave SMT leaded solder wave.

J Markim Associates

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Bajabid.com To Conduct an Online SMT Exchange Auction

Industry News | 2014-03-07 15:01:40.0

Bajabid.com will be conducting an online SMT Exchange Auction. This event will include a wide variety of electronic manufacturing & assembly equipment from several sellers sites located at different sites around the United States.

Baja Bid

Baja Bid Online SMT Exchange Auction Begins Closing Tomorrow March 20th

Industry News | 2014-03-19 15:09:03.0

BajaBid will be completing its latest online SMT Exchange Auction tomorrow [Thursday 3/20/14]. This event will include a wide variety of electronic manufacturing & assembly equipment from several sellers located at different sites around the United States.

Baja Bid

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Optimizing the Wave Soldering Process with Hot Nitrogen Knives

Technical Library | 1999-04-29 15:39:03.0

The paper describes the effects of a debridging knife on inerted soldering environments in an Electrovert Econopak wave solder machine. It reviews experiments to improve the purity of the soldering environment and results of the tests.

Siemens Process Industries and Drives

The Last Will And Testament of the BGA Void

Technical Library | 2015-01-05 17:38:26.0

The impact of voiding on the solder joint integrity of ball grid arrays (BGAs)/chip scale packages (CSPs) can be a topic of lengthy and energetic discussion. Detailed industry investigations have shown that voids have little effect on solder joint integrity unless they fall into specific location/geometry configurations. These investigations have focused on thermal cycle testing at 0°C-100°C, which is typically used to evaluate commercial electronic products. This paper documents an investigation to determine the impact of voids in BGA and CSP components using thermal cycle testing (-55°C to +125°C) in accordance with the IPC-9701 specification for tin/lead solder alloys. This temperature range is more typical of military and other high performance product use environments. A proposed BGA void requirement revision for the IPC-JSTD-001 specification will be extracted from the results analysis.

Rockwell Collins

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MPM 100 and Momentum BTB Printers

MPM 100 and Momentum BTB Printers


ITW EAE introduced the next-generation MPM® Momentum® II Printer with the release of the HiE and Elite models in November of 2019. Now the company is releasing the Momentum II BTB and Momentum II 100. The Momentum II BTB is a Back-to -Back co


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IPC master instructor and Pruduction Engineer

Career Center | Delton, Michigan USA | Engineering,Maintenance,Production,Technical Support

IPC Master instructor with a number of years experience in Engineering as well as Machine technician.


Career Center | ORLANDO, Florida USA | Engineering,Maintenance,Production,Technical Support

Manufacturing tech/eng for a contract manufacture for 10+ years. Been working in the SMT industry for a total of 20yrs. Have done everything from operator to process work. Most familiar with Assembleon, MPM, DEK, BTU,Electrovert, SLIM-KIC, SUPER-MOLE

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Online SMT Auction August 21 - 24, 2017 (Featuring EM Solutions) - Baja Bid LLC

Baja Bid | https://bajabid.com/em-solutions-8110-2/

; Folungwin FL-MD450 “Lead-Free” Wave Solder; Hepco Component Lead Formers; Electrovert Econopak II/16F SMT Wave Solder; Vision Engineering Mantis Microscopes

Baja Bid

SMT & PCB Equipment, Industrial Equipment - First Place Machinery Corp.

1st Place Machinery Inc. | http://www.firstplacemachinery.com/index.html

SMT & PCB Equipment, Industrial Equipment - First Place Machinery Corp. Featured Equipment: click any photo to view complete details Mydata MY100 Yaskawa Wafer Robots- New

1st Place Machinery Inc.

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KingFei SMT Tech
KingFei SMT Tech

Main Products: 1, Original new and Original Used SMT/AI Spare Parts. 2, SMT Equipments And Related Machine( SMT Calibration, SMT Feeder Carts,Conveyer etc.) 3, Maintenace and Repair Service Pre-Sales Service Provide details ab

Service Provider / OEM / Manufacturer's Rep / Equipment Dealer / Broker

Shenzhen, China

Phone: 0755-33578694

Selective Conformal Coating System - GPD SimpleCoat

Easily dispense fine pitch components with ±25µm positioning accuracy.
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy

Best Reflow Oven
Industry 4.0 Reflow Oven

One-stop Platform For All Your Need For SMT - QYSMT