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SIPLACE 80S-15 and 80F-3 help needed

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 08 16:31:02 EDT 2014 | ipdisplays

Prob totally screwed the pooch... Got more than a little frustrated with not being able to get the stupid software to do what I thought it should do, anyway figured maybe the IEC port was the problem - I have a couple of spare cpu cards, so I swapped

CP4 jerks all axis after power up and reset sw...

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 16 13:31:36 EDT 2012 | jdengler

Have you tried to restart F4G and/or MCS/30 after flushing the CP4 memory? I have occasionally ran into the comm error after a reset start. Leave the machine on and restart F4G or the MCS/30 whichever normally is hooked up. If it still won't commu

CP4 jerks all axis after power up and reset sw...

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 11 17:00:28 EDT 2012 | rodrigo

Hi all, Our cp4 moves rather violently (jerks) all axis when the reset sw is pressed after power up. I've got all sorts of errors after boot up: Servo amp error: D,X,Y, etc Overtravel D,X,Y, etc D clutch error, power off machine We've checked all

HELP Error EXM-9 with GSM2 4688A

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 12 15:15:14 EDT 2021 | astarotf

Hello there I am having difficulty starting the GSM2 4688A machine, the operating system does not start and does not read the hard disk. Procedures that we have carried out: 1. We validate the hard drive, it is mounted on an external computer and it


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