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amplifier error

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 07 09:18:07 EDT 2011 | jjcarver

amplifiere error states, Amplifier setup error, programming during startup failed.. Cannot get machine to initiate anyone have this problem?? machine is a MYDATA19e

Program error

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 08 06:00:05 EDT 2013 | sarason

This is a message from probably a C++ Compiler telling the programmer that a program loop has incorrect data. In all probability a Borland Compiler error message. This fault should not of escaped from the completed application. This stuff is meant to

MyData error

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 14 12:57:45 EDT 2014 | rgeary

Does anyone know what the following error indicates on a MyData My12 running 2.9.2. "F-MOT-MSETDYN C/156"?

Program error

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 01 15:59:28 EDT 2013 | jimmyboz

What mfg, what model

Program error

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 08 16:03:19 EDT 2013 | rway

You're on the wrong forum.

YV100xg error

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 24 03:36:19 EDT 2010 | naveed

Hi all!i m using yv100xg line,with vois application version 1.5R2000,when the mechine starts,after loading all files and returning to origin,a mesg appears ,that iz"Ea12324:the repair detection of the file.the mchne is unusually finished and it has t

YV100xg error

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 29 19:02:15 EDT 2010 | jeffr

You must re-insall the software. Do you have the procedure and the disks? The yamaha manual quotes:- Ea12324 The repair detection of the file. The machine is unusually shut down. One or more files may be damaged. Run the upgrade installation of the

Program error

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 01 15:13:19 EDT 2013 | kdc45

When trying to send a program to the background a window appears with the following text: List index out of bounds (435). Does anyone have any knowledge to what this is indicating? Regards, kdc45

MyData error

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 14 13:49:26 EDT 2014 | dyoungquist

Motor control MSETDYN -> Initiate axis C -> Centering jaws 156 -> Motor timeout Did not reach specified position Hardware problem Looks like you have something wrong with the movement of your centering jaws.

MyData error

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 14 15:07:43 EDT 2014 | rgeary

Yes, thank you. Found out that machine ran over two parts to tall and damaged the cover plate over the centering.

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