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Electronics Manufacturing Mini Camp

Training Courses | | | PCB Assembly Courses

The PCB assembly courses provide knowledge of different processes and equipment used in TH and SMT assembly of printed circuit boards.

ACI Technologies, Inc.

BGA Inspection, Rework and Repair Course

Training Courses | | | PCB Inspection Courses

The PCB inspection courses focus on improving PCB yield and reliability through validation and detection of defects on electronics assemblies.

ACI Technologies, Inc.


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cleanliness assessment analysis

MSD Dry Cabinets
PCB Handling Machine with CE

Easily dispense fine pitch components with ±25µm positioning accuracy.
PCB Handling with CE

Software programs for SMT placement and AOI Inspection machines from CAD or Gerber.
High Precision SMT Fluid Dispensers

Inspection mirrors for electronic rework and repair.
SMT fluid dispenser

MSD storage in desiccant dry canbinets