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PCB repair and rework

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Allgood Technology is equipped with a range of tools to rework and repair printed circuit assemblies to IPC-A-610 or your own company standards. Major Plant List:     Metcal MFR-1351 Desoldering Station for through hole desoldering.     Le

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BGA Rework Equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 08 06:27:26 EDT 2005 | Hi Peter

Better use Ersa IR550A or IR650A.

BGA rework

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 09 19:40:47 EST 2004 | Vijay

The shorts happen at corner of the BGA. The PCB thickness is 1.6mm, It is a PC motherboard with all thru hole connectors mounted on.The preheating is done using IR heater and the temp is 120-160 for about 70-80 sec.I am using ERSA IR550A

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Ersa IR550A Plus Rework Station

Ersa IR550A Plus Rework Station

Used SMT Equipment | Repair/Rework

Details: •        ERSA Scope PC •        90-230V / 50-60Hz/20W Condition:  Complete & Operational Location & Shipping:  USA / FOB Origin Availability: Immediate for purchase

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Ersa IR PL550A Rework System - Demo Units Qty 2 Like New

Ersa IR PL550A Rework System - Demo Units Qty 2 Like New

Used SMT Equipment | Repair/Rework

Warranty: 90 days parts & labor against manufacturing defects - wear items not included 1IR550A000A67 1 PC IR550A Infrared Rework System - 115V/US 1600 W heating power -800 W bottom side - 135 x 260 mm -800 W top side - 60 x 60 mm 1 K-type themoco

Parker SMT

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