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Wave soldering machines experiences

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 20 05:50:48 EDT 2019 | bukas

Hello everyone, I'm out on market for wave soldering machine. I have been using ERSA 330 ETS for three years now, but it is quite old and I would like something newer. I'm considering ERSA N wave 330, yom 2005; and SEHO PowerWave 8440, yom 2010. Wha

LF Wave Solder - SN100C or ????

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 27 09:43:42 EST 2012 | andrzej

We use succesfully SN100C on ERSA330 for about 2-3years. Pros: - price, - less dross comparing to SAC305, - some ppl say better mechanical durability comparing to SAC305 (depends who pay for "independent" studies) Cons: - higher melting temp so r

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