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GE Bently Nevada 330194-00-05-90-00 New In stock

GE Bently Nevada 330194-00-05-90-00 New In stock

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Siemens HJD63F400       fast ship and new

Siemens HJD63F400 fast ship and new

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 Contact Charlene WhatsApp no.:  +86- 18020714492 Skype&Email:  Details Brand:Allen-Bradley Part Number/Catalog No. :1336-BDB-SP4D Description:PCB Gate Drive


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more info- os error, screen(hex) dump

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 23 18:36:47 EDT 2010 | slwolbert

Have more info on the issue at hand. OS Error: CODE 0001 TASK 0029 PARA 0000 STAT 33E5 ADRS 00EF0000 INST 33F9 STRG 2704 PC 001449BE Hex dump on screen: 0000 FFFF F400 FFF7 BFD4 0090 BF63 FF7F FF71 FFFF DA73 FFED FFEB FFFF 6E4

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Reliability of Embedded Planar Capacitors under Temperature and Voltage Stress

Technical Library | 2015-05-21 18:46:31.0

In this work the reliability of an embedded planar capacitor laminate under temperature and voltage stress is investigated. The capacitor laminate consisted of an epoxy-BaTiO3 composite sandwiched between two layers of copper. The test vehicle with the embedded capacitors was subjected to a temperature of 125oC and a voltage bias of 200 V for 1000 hours. Capacitance, dissipation factor, and insulation resistance were monitored in-situ. Failed capacitors exhibited a sharp drop in insulation resistance, indicating avalanche breakdown. The decrease in the capacitance after 1000 hours was no more than 8% for any of the devices monitored. The decrease in the capacitance was attributed to delamination in the embedded capacitor laminate and an increase in the spacing between the copper layers.

CALCE Center for Advanced Life Cycle Engineering

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