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Lead-free solder alloy: SN100C from AIM solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 29 18:25:12 EDT 2005 | gamma

SN100C (the manufacturer company is Nihon Superior) it is sold by two companies in USA AIM and Krayden, we are still in the process of evaluation for lead-free, this alloy is mostly use in Europe and Asia. You can find more information in this link

Lead-free solder alloy: SN100C from AIM solder

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 15 13:30:06 EDT 2005 | fctassembly

Hello Hiram, SN100C is in over 1000 machines worldwide and as the Nihon Superior licensee holder for North America, FCT Assembly can supply you a list of users worldwide. In addition to the Japanese approvals, FCT Assembly has a number of U.S. approv

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Fine Line Stencil Announces Online Special

Industry News | 2011-09-28 19:16:13.0

Fine Line Stencil announces an online special for a limited time. Order Fine Line Stencil at www.FCTAssembly.com to receive a 50 percent discount on every stencil purchased.

Fine Line Stencil, Inc.

FCT Assembly Offers Holiday Savings on NC676 No-Clean Solder Paste

Industry News | 2011-12-07 23:13:30.0

FCT Assembly announces holiday savings at its new online store, located at www.fctassembly.net.


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