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ABFCA3500 REEL ASSY IP3(8MM......12MM) 39......30 ABFCB3108 TAPE GUIDE 12mm 2.5F0 FIP/QP . 49......40 ABFCB3208 TAPE GUIDE 12MM 4.0F FIP/QP . 49......40 ABFCC3200 REEL ASSY IP3(16MM) IP3 16MM feeder . 40......90 ABFCC3301 TAPE GUIDE

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Supply Fuji Feeder spare parts: Part Name:HARNESS IP/TAPE FEEDER PART No:IEH1510 Part Name:HARNESS PART No:IEH1511 Part Name:LINK LEVER(CP6 16*8连杆) PART No:AWCC3502 Part Name:HOLDER, REEL PART No:PJ02157 Part Name:RETAINER (NXT-2 压料盖) PART No: P

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1 H08/H12 校正吸嘴 14 NXT 2 0 NOZZLE STAT10N,NO32C(NXT吸嘴槽) 3 NXT 3 XS1453 SENSOR.FIBER(NXT 出板光纤) 2 NXT 4 PJ00172 飞达卷料齿轮 10 NXT 5 PJ00162 飞达卷料齿轮 10 NXT 6 AA19H03 头部筛子 12 NXT 7 AA0AL01 头部筛子 5 NXT 8 PM59561 H12头部吸嘴挂勾 10 NXT 9 PM18074/73 H08头部吸嘴挂勾 5 N

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