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Re: chip shooter

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 13 20:44:31 EDT 1999 | Jeff Cealey

| I am begining to evaluate hi speed chip shooters. We are interested in the Panasonic MV2E. Does anyone have any experience with the turret style placement equipment, Panisonic in particular. | Thanks, | Jeff For turret machines, you should conside

Fuji CP643

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 02 18:53:47 EDT 2022 | rdssmt

Hi. We have some problems with FCP643, the problem is when make a zero de axes CAM does not stop rotating and does not finish the zero and when rotating is makes it slow. Has anyone had this problem? Thanks.

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ABFCA3500 REEL ASSY IP3(8MM......12MM) 39......30 ABFCB3108 TAPE GUIDE 12mm 2.5F0 FIP/QP . 49......40 ABFCB3208 TAPE GUIDE 12MM 4.0F FIP/QP . 49......40 ABFCC3200 REEL ASSY IP3(16MM) IP3 16MM feeder . 40......90 ABFCC3301 TAPE GUIDE

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