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Fuji CP6/CP643/XP/NXT Timing Belt

Fuji CP6/CP643/XP/NXT Timing Belt

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FUJI CP6/CP7/CP643/CP743/XP/NXT Timing Belt H4453h H45095 H45732 H4574A H4518L H4453h Conveyor Belt We supply FUJI machine such as CP6 CP7 CP643 CP743 XP NXT feeders nozzles belts motors drivers etc, welcome to inquiry. Thanks zoey-zk@hotmail

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Fuji CP643 Belt H4453H

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FUJI CP643 Belt H4453H We supply FUJI CP643 CP743 feeders nozzles belts motors servo boards etc,welcome to inquriy. contact H45730 TIMING BELT H45732 TIMING BELT 0317C3-81121 CONVEYOR BELT L=2315 07JEC0-82132

Jinchen Electric Technology Co,.Ltd


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