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smt machine of fuji machine nxtII

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 03 07:49:19 EDT 2008 | grantp

Hi, I just saw the new NXT machines at globaltronics in Singapore, and mostly they are faster. However what was interesting is Fuji shows a prototype of the new XPF machine, but it was called XPF-W which handles really large PCB's and uses the sam

Flason SMT Products

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 04 00:01:59 EDT 2018 | gaintstar

Flason SMT FUJI Pick and Place Machine: http://www.flason-smt.com/product/FUJI-Chip-Mounter-SMT-spare-parts-A10395-Fiber-Amplifier.html http://www.flason-smt.com/product/FUJI-Chip-Mounter-SMT-spare-parts-Amplifier-A1038t.html http://www.flason-smt.co

SMT placement machines. Where are we going ?

Electronics Forum | Fri May 29 03:27:36 EDT 2009 | grantp

Hi, I have only handled MYDATA and Fuji personally. MYDATA was not realiable, Fuji's are perfect. As for feeders the XP series, we have 5 of them, and they all use the same feeders as the older machines such as CP and IP series. The XP can even use

New Fuji NXT

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 17 13:55:33 EDT 2009 | grantp

Hi, If you don't have a space constraint, why not check out the XPF machine. We just got the second XPF-W machine in the world to ship, and it's amazing. Huge boards, and the same feeders as NXT. Auto backup pin, feeder change on the front of the ma

SMT placement machines. Where are we going ?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 12 15:29:51 EDT 2009 | grantp

Hi, We just had delivered one of these and it's incredible. It's an amazing machine, and watching it load such a large board totally accurately, from end to end is amazing. Apparently we took delivery of only the second machine to ship in the world

Flason SMT Products

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 04 00:05:25 EDT 2018 | gaintstar

Flason SMT chip mounter Reflow Ovens: http://www.flason-smt.com/product/PCB-assembly-line-equipment-SMT-spare-parts-Dek-Motor-188962.html http://www.flason-smt.com/product/PCB-Conveyor-for-LED-Production-Line-SMT-Assembly-Line.html http://www.flason-


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