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Fuji XP143/243 Series Nozzle,filter

Fuji XP143/243 Series Nozzle,filter

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1.original new; 2.all size and model available. We can support full range of FUJI Xp series nozzle, filters, stopper. If you are interested,please contact us. Part Number (OEM) Dex-scription ADEPN-8070 XP-141 NOZZLE ASS'Y-0.7 ADEPN-8080

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2agknl011700 SMT Nozzles Fuji J59 Jig Nozzle For Fuji Smt Electronic Production Machines


2.5mm ADNPN8268 XP243 FUJI AIR CYLINDER GFQC1240 H12 head 1.0 FUJI NOZZLE AA05811 H12 head 1.3 FUJI NOZZLE AA20A11 NXT Feeder HARNESS FUJI RH44843 XP243E FUJI AIR CYLINDER DNPK0330 NXTIII H24 head rubber 2MGTHA061701 NXT3 H24 head rubber A5202A NXT FUJI STOPPER PH01390 FUJI NXTIII filter

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0.0 CNY Maintenance parts set ¥  0.00 0.0 CNY AIR FILTER F300-03 ¥  0.00 0.0 CNY I/O CONVEYOR BOARD A ¥  0.00 0.0 CNY YV88X NOZZLE ASSY - TYPE 65F (965500004757) ¥  0.00

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