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Fuji CP-4

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CEM wants to sell running prototype line individually priced or complete.  Includes Fuji CP-4, IP-III, and Electrovert OmniFlo 7 convection oven with all conveyoring.  Modules for all Fuji machines included for Fuji Flexa. 

Electronics Assembly Resource Network, Inc.


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Operational Fuji IP-III Fine Pitch placer with 2048 camera on tray tower side. Lots of feeders.  Can be purchased separately or as part of a running prototype line with CP-4 and OmniFlo 7 oven and conveyors. Fuji Flexa program modules included.

Electronics Assembly Resource Network, Inc.

Vitronics XPM2 - 1030 No2 Like new

Vitronics XPM2 - 1030 No2 Like new

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Outstanding condition in every respect. Would blend in with a brand new SMT line no problem. * No2 option installed and production ready * Polar Closed loop cooling option * Edge pin chain for Large board out to 20" wide operation * Center board

4 Tech Electronics Inc.


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