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Eupec BSM200GA120DN2

Eupec BSM200GA120DN2

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BSM200GA120DN2、BSM300GA120DN2 BSM400GA120DN2 BSM200GA170DN2 BSM300GA170DN2 BSM100GAL120D BSM100GAR120D BSM150GAL120D BSM150GAR120D BSM200GAL120D BSM200GAR120D BSM400GA120DN2(DLC) BSM400GA170DN2(DLC)   2U: BSM50GB60DLC  BSM75GB60DLC BSM100GB60DLC B

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ISOLA 410 laminate

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 01 01:08:43 EDT 2011 | boardhouse

Hi Aj, for the most part we have gotten away from calling out specific material and instead calling out IPC4101 back slashes to needed requirements. But if you are just looking for what most domestic shops have switch to you would be looking at 370

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