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Gold Flow Oven GF-12 Tuning Instructions Needed

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 01 10:33:38 EST 2015 | jackm

I have a Gold-Flow GF-12 reflow oven. When entering "Work" mode, I get a screen that says that the oven needs to be tuned first. I am able to start the autotuning process (found the password on SMTnet), but the unit just seems to run forever in that

APS Novastar oven tuning?

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 11 23:15:01 EST 2010 | smt_dude

My APS GF12 seems to have lost it's settings randomly last night, and it won't let me run any profiles unless it's autotuned. I've figured out the security password and can get into the tuning menu, but not sure what to do from here. Anyone know wh

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Novastar Reflow

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