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Tritec Sales, Inc.

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New and used equipment representatives serving the electronics industry. We offer equipment ranging from bench top wave solder to fully automated high-speed placement equipment as well as production aids for the production floor.

MicroCare Corporation

MicroCare Corporation

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The leading supplier of cleaners and lubricants for critical environments.

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Automatic AOI machine for SMT assembly

Automatic AOI machine for SMT assembly

New Equipment | Test Equipment

Product Introduction: Offline AOI is used after Stencil printer,before/after reflow oven,before/after wave solder; It works automatically and precisely to save much labor cost. Main Features: Ø High performance ØOffline SMT-AOI &Osla

ShenZhen J-wide Electronics Equipment Co.,Ltd

CYBERSOLV® C8622 - Safe / Effective IPA Alternative Solvent

CYBERSOLV® C8622 - Safe / Effective IPA Alternative Solvent

New Equipment | Cleaning Agents

CYBERSOLV® C8622 is a full strength solvent blend specifically designed as an IPA alternative in stencil wiping and manual bench top cleaning applications. Easy to use, C8622 is applied in applications where IPA is typically used. Safe IPA Alterna

KYZEN Corporation

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Re: Batch reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 17 22:04:05 EST 1999 | Dave F

Looking for a company that makes a small batch reflow oven. Not a belt-style convection oven, but a cabinet style that can 125 c to 150 c. Thank you Matt: The batch ovens we looked at were very difficult to program. They seemed to want t

Batch oven

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 29 13:01:52 EST 2008 | severs

Looking for recommendations on a small bench-top batch oven for reflowing simple one sided boards. Does anyone have any experience or recommendations? I'd consider used over the Asian imports to save money,... as long as it's the right oven .

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LPKF Zelflow RO4 Bench Top Reflow Oven

LPKF Zelflow RO4 Bench Top Reflow Oven

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Reflow

New arrival, like new condition. Proto-type, small batch LPKF Zelflow R04 Solder Paste Reflow Oven. Very minimal use. Powered up and tested. 220 - 240VAC single phase. FOB: Origin ALSO AVAILABLE: LPKF ZELPRINT LT300 BENCH TOP SOLDER PASTE PRIN

Assured Technical Service LLC

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Canadian Company & Others Selling Excess SMT Manufacturing Assets

Industry News | 2015-07-28 10:36:48.0

EMS provider Canadian Inc. Energy Group in Laval, Quebec; Canada will be liquidating some of their excess and unused assets utilizing the online auction services of Baja Bid. The bidding for this event will open promptly at 8:00am EST on August 10, 2015 and the closing will begin at 1:00pm EST on August 12, 2015.

Baja Bid

A Look to the Future in the Electronics Industry at IPC APEX EXPO® 2013

Industry News | 2013-01-19 07:46:16.0

Information that inspires innovation is center-stage for design, printed boards, electronics assembly, test and printed electronics

Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC)

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Solder Paste Measurement: A Yield Improvement Strategy That Helps Improve Profits

Technical Library | 2001-05-03 11:23:09.0

In this age of global competition, world class electronics manufacturers understand that increasing profit margins is accomplished not by increasing price or lowering the quality of components and workmanship, but by increasing production yields. Post-solder inspection ensures that your customers receive good product, but by separating the good boards from the bad boards you only measure yield, not improve it. A yield (and profit) improvement strategy consists of making measurements at critical stages, as early as possible in the assembly process, and adjusting the process parameters to achieve optimal performance.

ASC International

Lead-free Wave Soldering of Simple to Highly Complex Boards. Process Optimization

Technical Library | 2008-01-10 19:24:48.0

This research takes an in-depth look at the challenges encountered in developing a lead free wave soldering process based on the specific products as well as on specific materials. It attempts to provide the reader with the information necessary to make educated decisions in selecting materials and controlling various process parameters in order to execute a rational implementation strategy for a reliable and robust lead free wave soldering process.

Vitronics Soltec

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Reflow Ovens

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1st Place Machinery Inc.

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