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Peelable Mask

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 23 18:55:39 EST 2007 | greg york

burns and melts in the pot sending the solder golden/yellow and drosses like mad. Lackwerke pieters germany ( not sure on spelling) Lead Free version works well,if you need the exact code I will get for you. cheers greg york

Looking for expert opinions, Solderability

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 23 05:25:20 EDT 2004 | greg york

Got to agree with John on this, get a stencil cleaning wipe something a little more potent than standard IPA and wipe the surface thoroughly, this should produce a green residue of solder resist. If this does happen then ask your PCB vendor to look a

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Speedprint Appoints ElectroTech Sales as Its Representative in Upstate New York

Industry News | 2011-12-02 15:30:41.0

Speedprint appointed Greg Wiltrout of ElectroTech Sales to provide sales and support for its customers in upstate New York.

Speedprint Technology

IPC Sponsors International Academiv Paper Competition

Industry News | 2011-10-03 15:19:17.0

IPC invites accredited U.S. and international colleges and universities with a strong focus on the electronics industry to submit paper abstracts for IPC’s International Academic Paper Competition.

Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC)

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Challenges in Bare Die Mounting

Technical Library | 2014-05-08 16:34:16.0

Bare die mounting on multi-device substrates has been in use in the microelectronics industry since the 1960s. The aerospace industry’s hybrid modules and IBM’s Solid Logic Technology were early implementations that were developed in the 1960’s. The technologies progressed on a steady level until the mid 1990’s when, with the advent of BGA packaging and chip scale packages, the microelectronics industry started a wholesale move to area array packaging. This paper outlines the challenges for both traditional wire-bond die attached to a printed wiring board (pwb), to the more recent applications of bumped die attached to a high performance substrate.

Die Products Consortium

Intel StrataFlash™ Memory Technology Overview

Technical Library | 1999-05-07 10:11:55.0

The Intel StrataFlashTM memory technology represents a cost breakthrough for flash memory devices by enabling the storage of two bits of data in a single flash memory transistor. This paper will discuss the evolution of the two bit/cell technology from conception to production.

Intel Corporation

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GPD Global USA

GPD Global | https://www.gpd-global.com/co_website/contact-salesteams-usa.php

^ Electro Tech Sales Greg Wiltrout mobile: 716-870-7986 e-mail: greg@electrotechsales.com New York - Binghamton, I-81 to PA border, I-88 to I-90, I-90 to MA border

GPD Global

Nordson Advanced Technology Systems Expands to New Facilities in Taiwan

Nordson ASYMTEK | https://www.nordson.com/en/divisions/march/about-us/news/nordson-advanced-technology-systems-expands-to-new-facilities-in-taiwan

,” explained Greg Wood, vice president, Nordson Advanced Technology, Asia. “We have seen strong growth in Taiwan over the past few years. We anticipate that growth rate will continue as we launch new products aimed specifically at PCBs, semiconductor and LED packages, and wafer level processing and assembly.” The new address is


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