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ERSA VERSAPRINT 2 Stencil Printers

ERSA VERSAPRINT 2 Stencil Printers

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A Revolutionary Print Solution with Integrated Post Print AOI The VERSAPRINT series not only handles the automatic cleaning of the underside of the stencil and inspection of the printing result, with a choice of 2D or 3D inspection, it also carries

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Benefit of GridLok screen printer ?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 06 16:58:45 EST 2020 | cbeneat

I would recommend quik-tool. Jim Bernhard essentally the inventor of Grid lok left when they went to DEK. Started quik-tool, we use grid-lok in our printers, quik-tool in our Panasonic P&P instead of support pins. Like quik-tool alot more. JBernhard@

Red-E-Set Support Damaging Double Side Components on DEK

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 30 11:39:20 EDT 2020 | dontfeedphils

I used it years ago on an old semi-auto printer and thought it was alright for the application and asking price. Set it up once with a sample board, which takes maybe 5 minutes, and you should be set for the entire run. I still prefer something mor

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ERSA - Versaprint

ERSA - Versaprint


After six months of successful field testing under full production conditions at customers in Germany, ERSA introduced two series machines at this year's Productronica: the VERSAPRINT P1 and the VERSAPRINT S1. Both machines include the LIST camera an

kurtz ersa Corporation

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Hawkeye 750 Camera 2D Inspection DEK Europa SMT Screen Printers


:  SMT DEK screen printer DEK Europa 2D inspection, Hawkeye 750 Camera,  Grid-Lok Tooling system,  QC Calc Dongle,  Under Stencil Cleaner- 510mm with vacuum,  Magnetic Board Support,  Temperature Control Module (TCM),  Input: AC220V--240V Photo Show

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