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SolderStar produce thermal profiler solutions for reflow soldering, selective solder machine profiling and wave solder optimization.

BLT circuit services ltd

BLT circuit services ltd

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Nitrogen Cast Lead Free solder Manufacturer, complete range of No Clean and No Residue fluxes Misprint Cleaning Systems completely compressed air driven low cost with no need for electrics 18x12

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Benchtop Dispense Robots

Benchtop Dispense Robots

New Equipment | Dispensing

Full-featured and compact benchtop dispense system robot offering accurate and repeatable dispense results! A benchtop dispense system does not mean "no features". The Catalina benchtop dispense system is a full-featured platform with thes

GPD Global

Automatic solder paste printer GKg G9+

Automatic solder paste printer GKg G9+

New Equipment | Assembly Services

G9 + automatic vision printing machine is a new product for SMT high-end application field, which can perfectly meet the process requirements of 03015, 0.25pich and other fine spacing, high precision and high speed. Introduction to standard function

KingFei SMT Tech

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glue measurement

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 05 07:46:24 EDT 2001 | george

Specifications of testing force are not fixed, but (incase of wave soldering) the value should be at least 120-150 % of the force the wave. So for small chip components we assume that the force from the wave on the component is about 3 Newton, this m

SOT23s and paste + glue

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 22 14:15:41 EST 2008 | ck_the_flip

As Emil says, it's 100% the glue! Your paste is not designed to hold parts on at wave solder. Reflow is MUCH hotter than glue, so I doubt you're not adequately heat-curing it. Possibly, the glue cure is "too hot" and maybe making the material brit

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Camalot Camelot 3600 Glue Dispenser

Used SMT Equipment | Adhesive Dispensers

Camelot 3600  Glue Dispenser   Year (or range of years): 2000  Condition: Very Good  Has 635-Positive Displacement pump Preheat and Post-Dispense heating Weigh scaleglass overlay(placement head in it) VMS-volume metric measurement system  

Voyager Equipment

Essemtec CDS6700

Essemtec CDS6700

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering Equipment/Fluxes

High speed solder paste dispensing • Rapid SMD prototyping and low volume production • Dispensing instead of printing • Saves cost for stencils • Fine pitch dispensing of solder paste or conductive glue • Integrated valve heating • Direct impor

Fix Trade BV

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Tabletop Robot for Precision Dispensing

Industry News | 2018-09-06 12:12:07.0

GPD Global offers the ideal tabletop robots (Catalina Series) for precision dispensing.

GPD Global

ESSEMTEC to Display RO300FC-C at APEX 2008

Industry News | 2008-03-19 14:49:56.0

Essemtec, a leading manufacturer of surface mount technology production equipment, announces that it will showcase RO300FC-C full convection reflow oven with RO-CONTROL software in booth 501 at the upcoming APEX 2008 exhibition and conference, scheduled to take place April 1-3, 2008, in Las Vegas.


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Other SMT-2010

Other SMT-2010

Parts & Supplies | Soldering - Reflow

Brand New SMT2010 TABLE-TOP REFLOW OVEN LEAD-FREE Description: This is a brand new, SMT2010 Reflow oven. More and more surface mount devices (SMD) are used on electronic circuit boards. Large floor model reflow ovens are expensive and heavy, no


tianhao dispensing machine TH-DISPENSING VALVE

tianhao dispensing machine TH-DISPENSING VALVE

Parts & Supplies | Adhesive Dispensers

ianHao Dispensing valve series is based on the fluid requirements of a variety of applications should be developed and designed, TianHao dispensing valve now has high precision, good stability, simple structure, easy maintenance And other characteris

cixi tianhao dispensing equipment co.,ltd

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Reflow Soldering Processes and Troubleshooting: SMT, BGA, CSP and Flip Chip Technologies

Technical Library | 2021-01-03 19:24:52.0

Reflow soldering is the primary method for interconnecting surface mount technology (SMT) applications. Successful implementation of this process depends on whether a low defect rate can be achieved. In general, defects often can be attributed to causes rooted in all three aspects, including materials, processes, and designs. Troubleshooting of reflow soldering requires identification and elimination of root causes. Where correcting these causes may be beyond the reach of manufacturers, further optimizing the other relevant factors becomes the next best option in order to minimize the defect rate.


Rework Challenges for Smart Phones and Tablets

Technical Library | 2015-04-23 18:48:18.0

Smart phones are complex, costly devices and therefore need to be reworked correctly the first time. In order to meet the ever-growing demand for performance, the complexity of mobile devices has increased immensely, with more than a 70% greater number of packages now found inside of them than just a few years ago. For instance, 1080P HD camera and video capabilities are now available on most high end smart phones or tablet computers, making their production more elaborate and expensive. The printed circuit boards for these devices are no longer considered disposable goods, and their bill of materials start from $150.00, with higher end smart phones going up to $238.00, and tablets well over $300.00.


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High SPEED Glue dispensing with GPD Global Max series Glue Dispenser

High SPEED Glue dispensing with GPD Global Max series Glue Dispenser


High speed glue dispenser from GPD Global. You can get speed upto 45,000 dots per hour.

GPD Global

Speedprint SP710 SMT stencil printer with the ADu+ option can now put down glue and paste lines

Speedprint SP710 SMT stencil printer with the ADu+ option can now put down glue and paste lines


Exceptional repeatability and print accuracy FLEXIBILITY - SP700AVi platforms address the critical demands of fast set up and product changeover through flexible automation strategies that streamline assembly throughput. AUTOMATION - Features inc

Speedprint Technology

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Masood ur Rehman

Career Center | karachi, Sind Pakistan | Engineering,Production,Quality Control

For Research and Development Centre: --------------------------------------- -Give Recommendations regarding the functionality & operational security aspects in the ongoing projects by analyzing the detailed operations & functions of the product. -Mo

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Industrial Hot Melt Glue Adhesives - Nordson

Nordson ASYMTEK |

Industrial Hot Melt Glue Adhesives Nordson Nordson Corporation Global Directory Languages NASDAQ $188.12   -3.87 Our Products Our Industries Our Applications Brands


Ultrasonic welding machine for mask shape cutting-heat sealing -PCB magazine loader,PCB turn conveyo

ASCEN Technology |

Ultrasonic welding machine for mask shape cutting heat sealing -PCB magazine loader,PCB turn conveyor,pcb conformal coating machine,PCB router,PCB depaneling machine,pcb conveyor from ASCEN technology Welcome to visit ASCEN Cart

ASCEN Technology

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Orange Sticks, Wiring Aids & Probes for Soldering & Desoldering.
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Accurate and consistent volumetric Dispensing System Solutions for 1- and 2-component fluids with ASYMTEK Vortik family of pumps. Learn more.

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