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Integrated Microelectronics , Inc.

Integrated Microelectronics , Inc.

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Leading Contract Manufacturer For Semicon And Electronics in The Philippines

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Voidless / Vacuum Reflow Soldering Oven - 1809 MK5

Voidless / Vacuum Reflow Soldering Oven - 1809 MK5

New Equipment | Reflow

1809 MK5 - Heller Advanced In-Line Vacuum Reflow Oven Nitrogen System with Balanced Flow Technology 9 Top And Bottom Heated Zones - highest zone count per linear foot in the industry! 100" Heated Length - for super throughput! 2 Internal C

Heller Industries Inc.

1809 MK5 - Heller 고급 인라인 무보이드 / 진공 리플로우 솔더링 오븐

1809 MK5 - Heller 고급 인라인 무보이드 / 진공 리플로우 솔더링 오븐

New Equipment | Reflow

9개 존을 갖춘 무보이드 진공 리플로우 솔더링 오븐. 균형적 흐름 기술이 있는 무보이드 / 진공 리플로우 솔더링 질소 시스템 9개의 탑 및 바텀 가열 존 - 업계 최고의 직선형 피트당 최고의 존 수! 100인치 가열 길이 - 고처리율 제공! 2개의 내부 냉각 존 - 최저 출구 온도 제공! 총 길이 180인치 - 바닥면적 활용 최적화! 10인치 모듈의 새로운 모듈 디자인이 프로파일을 보다 작은 세그먼트로 세분화할 수 있는 유연성을

Heller Korea Ltd.

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Heller Oven 1809 lubricant

Electronics Forum | Mon May 09 09:25:51 EDT 2016 | jorgenino

Hello I am new to SMT line maintenance. I was wondering what a good option is for a lubricant that we can use in our Heller reflow oven. Especially the witdh adjusting lead screw. The manual recommends Krytox but does not state a specific one. Thanks

Hood closing issue in Heller 1809 EXL Reflow

Electronics Forum | Thu May 17 07:45:20 EDT 2018 | vikrantraina

We have Heller Reflow Model 1809 EXL. Today we opened it hood for internal cleaning but now not able to close them. Hood opened more from entry side. We tried to manually force open from exit side & check closing with open/close button, but hood comi

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Heller 1809 MKIII

Heller 1809 MKIII

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Reflow

Make: Heller Model: 1809 MK III Vintage: 2011 Features: Left to Right Edge Rails Mesh Belt

Baja Bid

Heller 1809 MKIII

Heller 1809 MKIII

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Reflow

HELLER 1809 MKIII REFLOW OVEN S/N 0515S3-B7A2S-301361-05 480V 100A 3PH 50/60HZ MFG MAY 2015 Edge/Mesh Only 30 HOURS Practically New, Not Used in Production Runs

World Equipment Source / R1 Source, Inc.

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Equipment Maintenance Technician

Career Center | San Isidro Cabuyao Laguna, Philippines | Engineering,Maintenance,Production,Technical Support

                                                 Duties & Responsibilities (Equipment Technician):  Production line support, conduct setup and troubleshooting on handled machines such as COB and backend equipment.  Conduct Preventive maintenance

Equipment Technician

Career Center | Parañaque, Philippines | Maintenance

JOB DESCRIPTION Preventive Maintenance Execution of Preventive Maintenance activities, using the following frame work: Machine Cleaning, Inspection, Lubrication, Repair, Replace and Calibration. PM Documentation PM Master schedule PM Checklist Wo

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589681 - Decal - 1809 MKIII

Heller Industries Inc. |

589681 - Decal - 1809 MKIII Phone 1-973-377-6800 Company About News Events New Equipment Convection Reflow Ovens Reflow Oven MK7 -New

Heller Industries Inc.

回流焊炉 - 1809 Mark III系列 - SMT回流焊炉

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0.1摄氏度的控温精度产生了最有效的热传导,所以保证了在重载时温度曲线的完整性 较宽的工艺窗口适应了多种曲线要求-多种不同的产品可使用同一温度设定 先进的5通道热电偶温度曲线制作和工艺参数记录能力,存储超过500个程式和500个温度曲线。 配备高能力26英寸宽加热器模组,1809 Mark III系统回焊炉对于不同的产品,有着超强的灵活性。 最大过板尺寸可至20英寸,且同时配备 EHC和网带。 了解更多 下载1809 MKIII的规格书 下载Mark III系列说明书 联络方式 预约参观 欢迎您参观我

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Heller Industries Inc.
Heller Industries Inc.

Reflow ovens for automated SMT PCB assembly, specializing in lead free processing and nitrogen reflow. The best convection reflow ovens on the market.

OEM / Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment / Soldering

4 Vreeland Rd.
Florham Park, NJ USA

Phone: 973-377-6800

Best SMT Reflow Oven

World's Best Reflow Oven Customizable for Unique Applications
Selective Soldering Nozzles

Inspection mirrors for electronic rework and repair.
SMT spare parts - Qinyi Electronics

PCB Assembly Supplies - ONLINE STORE
2022 Eptac IPC Certification Training Schedule

Easily dispense fine pitch components with ±25µm positioning accuracy.
BGA and SMD Rework Stations