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Printer and Reflow Oven Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Tue May 19 13:29:33 EDT 2015 | dyoungquist

We have been running a Heller 1707EXL for 8 years and added a Heller 1707MKIII about 1 years ago. We have not had any problems with either one of them. We do both lead and lead-free assemblies along with BGA/LGA components. If speed/volume is not

0402 tombstoning and dewetting on QFP256 trade-off

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 05 11:53:09 EST 2009 | dcell_1t

Hello to all. for certain time, we have been struggling with some issues on a PCB where have tombstoning on 0402 components (due to pad design) and dewetting in qfp256 0.5 mil pitch (discussed on another threads on this forum) component, we have pro

Used SMT Equipment: heller and 1809 and exl and n2 (2)

Mydata Agilis Feeders and Magazines

Mydata Agilis Feeders and Magazines

Used SMT Equipment | Pick and Place/Feeders

Huge Assortment of Mydata Agilis Magazines and Feeders LM1216 and LM8  and Muliple Feeders Sizes From 8mm 4.0 to 13.0 AUCTION ITEM: www.xlineassets.com OTHER AVALABLE EQUIPMENT IN SAME AUCTION: OTTAWA FACILITY (2) Ekra E5 Screen Printers (

X-Line Asset Management

Heller and Other Reflow Oven for sales

Used SMT Equipment | Soldering - Reflow

We have some various brand name of reflow oven for immediate sales HELLER 1936MK5 1809MK3 1912EXL Electrovert Omni 7 Omni 10 BTU Pyramax SMIC SNR-850 Vintronics XPM2 1030 Welcome for details Rick

YS Industrial Company Limited

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595120 - NIDEC MTR ASY,4" EXL, N2, SVC

Heller Industries Inc. | https://hellerindustries.com/parts/595120/

595120 - NIDEC MTR ASY,4" EXL, N2, SVC Phone 1-973-377-6800 Company About News Events New Equipment Convection Reflow Ovens Reflow Oven MK7 -New

Heller Industries Inc.

Shop - Qinyi Electronics Co.,Ltd

| https://www.qy-smt.com/shop/category/others-heller-1116

96037M Hot REAR PLATE SLIM CLS MK3.5 591193 Hot Heating Element for Heller 1707 EXL 586049 Hot Monitor ...2780054-03(PL6921-T41) Hot Electric putter 6552 Hot ASSEMBLEON / OTHERS 5786 Hot Heller 1809 EXL Reflow Mother Board .4659 Hot Blower

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Heller Industries Inc.
Heller Industries Inc.

Reflow ovens for automated SMT PCB assembly, specializing in lead free processing and nitrogen reflow. The best convection reflow ovens on the market.

OEM / Manufacturer of Assembly Equipment / Soldering

4 Vreeland Rd.
Florham Park, NJ USA

Phone: 973-377-6800

Best SMT Reflow Oven

World's Best Reflow Oven Customizable for Unique Applications
Reflow Oven

High Throughput Reflow Oven
PCB Inspection services

ONLINE IPC Training & Certification
Reflow Ovens

High Speed Precision In-Line SPI System - Mirtec MS-11

Outstanding liquid dispensing and UV curing, all within one platform, watch the video.