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SF-820-LF Leed-Free Reflow Oven

SF-820-LF Leed-Free Reflow Oven

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Heating system: Quantities of heating zones :Top8 /bottom8 Length of heating zones :3100mm Quantities of cooling zones: 2 Conveyor: Maximum width of PCB   :450mm  (can be customized) Rail adjustment range :50~450mm Conveyor direction :R t

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Anyone know the Hexi Reflow Oven (SF-820-LF) Zone Motor Specs?

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 09 05:43:47 EDT 2014 | cspasol

Anyone know the Hexi Reflow Oven (SF-820-LF) Zone Motor Specs?

Hexi reflow CFM

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 08 04:49:09 EST 2014 | cspasol

Anybody know what is the standard CFM of HEXI reflow? Our reflow oven SF-820-LF has no exhaust fan. So from our facility what should be the required CFM.

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Hexi SF-820-LF

Hexi SF-820-LF

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  Reflow oven features:   A. Windows XP operation software with Chinese and English alternative available. Whole system under intergration control can analyze and display the failure. All production data can be saved competely and analyzed.  

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