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Whizz Systems

Whizz Systems

Industry Directory | Manufacturer of Assembled PCBs / Design / Turnkey / Consultant / Contract Manufacturer

Formed in 1989 as an advanced engineering and high mix low volume EMS services provider.


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Low Volume High Mix contract electronic manufacturer located in Huntsville, Alabama

Phoenix Technologies

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Manufactures high mix, low volume boards.


Industry Directory | Manufacturer's Rep

NJ based SMT pick and place MFG Company offering Entry level to high speed/high mix requirements.

Zicon Ltd.

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Subcontractor for the Electronics field. Small to Medium runs of high mix boards to cabinets including final testing.

Triton Electronik

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Contract manufacturing- Low volume High mix

E.c.i telecom

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boared assembly low quentatity high mix

Triton �lectronik inc.

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contract manufacturing , high-mix low and midium volume

Vorhies Technologies, Inc.

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Electronics Assembly, Prototype and Low Volume High Mix Assembly

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