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BNC is a leading distributor of brand connectors ,molex,JST,JAE,AMP HRS,JAM etc and bare PCB supply.

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Pin / Female header connector is a kind of universal connection device that widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, instrumentation and mainly function is to current or signal transmission. Pin and Female header connector are usual used as

Beijing Yuanda Innovation Technology Co., Ltd

TherMoiré® AXP - Thermal Warpage and Strain Measurement Tool

TherMoiré® AXP - Thermal Warpage and Strain Measurement Tool

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3D Deformation Measurement with Akrometrix TherMoiré and Digital Fringe Projection. Akrometrix' patented TherMoiré systems are the industry leading tools for advanced characterization of temperature-dependent warpage. First introduced in 1998 for us


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NexLev connector

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 04 09:30:49 EDT 2005 | russ

Andrew, we need a lot more information to help. 1. what is the open caused from? bemt pins, non-wetting, board bowing, or no paste deposited. 2. What is your current stencil design? 3. What does this connector look like and what are the pins? Rus

Hirose Connector Installation........

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 24 22:53:34 EDT 2005 | mrduckmann2000

We have a customer that is using the new Hirose connector p/n df30fc-40dp-0.4v. The connector has lead spacing of .4mm. I beleive that if I have a stencil cut to 2-3 mil I should have enough solder paste to solder the connector to the PCB pads. Ho

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GPS Antenna Shrinks to Surface Mounting

Industry News | 2003-03-14 09:03:48.0

Sarantel has developed a surface-mount version of its active GeoHelix miniature GPS antenna.


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SMT Stencil Design And Consideration Base on IPC

Technical Library | 2010-03-23 11:50:22.0

This document discuss how to design SMT stencil base on IPC-7525. Introduction: PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) is a segment of printed circuit board technology. This segment of printed circuit board industry is concentrated in assemble all the pieces of electronic industry to one piece before output them to market. This segment covers: interconnection technology, package design technology, system integration technology, board and system test technology

Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC)

Design Rules For Selective Soldering Assemblies

Technical Library | 2018-02-14 22:58:54.0

This document describes general guidelines and attention points for PCB design regarding selective soldering. The guidelines can be applied for Select Wave and/or Multi Wave soldering process in both leaded and leadfree alloy. When a PCB is designed according to these guidelines, a stable and solid solder-process can be guaranteed.

Vitronics Soltec

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Senior Sales Executive

Career Center | San Diego, Michigan USA | Sales/Marketing

* Results driven Sales Executive combining expertise in Building Sales networks and strategic business development in the Electronic Component, Connector, and Electronic Manufacturing Equipment industries * Extensive Field Sales experience with a tra

Proven Sales and Management Professional

Career Center | Howell, Michigan USA | Sales/Marketing

Results driven sales executive combining expertise in building sales networks and strategic business development in the Electronic Component, Connector, and Electronic Manufacturing Equipment industries. Extensive field sales experience with a track

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