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The Use of an Available Color Sensor for Burn-In of LED Products

Technical Library | 2015-06-18 12:42:57.0

In the recent past, the Light Emitting Diode (LED) was hailed as the new energy efficient light source that would never have to be replaced. There were claims of 50,000+ hrs lifetime for the humble LED. That story has changed over the last few years as the number and diversity of the LED based products has increased. This is not to say that the original evidence was incorrect, but the initial enthusiastic estimates from the labs did not match the ultimate test, customers. As a result of poor quality products affecting the overall opinion of LED based products, it is critical that manufacturers can be confident in the quality of their product. In current times we want to have products certified, checked and ensure that we have the best quality. For the purposes of this paper we will look at one aspect of LED product, and this is the Lumen maintenance and estimated lifetime. The method described here does not seek to replace using high quality rating labs, but hopefully will allow the manufacturer to know with confidence that their prototype product, upon going to certification labs will be of a high enough quality that no expensive re-designs are required.

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How Detrimental Production Concerns Related to Solder Mask Residues Can Be Countered by Simple Operational Adaptations

Technical Library | 2019-09-19 00:28:48.0

The symbiotic relationship between solder masks and selective finishes is not new. The soldermask application is one of the key considerations to ensure a successful application of a selective finish. The selective finish is the final chemical step of the PCB manufacturing process, this is when the panels are at their most valuable and are unfortunately not re-workable. Imperfections are not tolerated, even if they are wholly cosmetic. Quality issues often manifest themselves in the form of a 'ping pong' conversation between the fabricators, the soldermask suppliers and the selective finish suppliers. Without tangible evidence these discussions are difficult to resolve and the selective finish process is usually regarded as responsible. This paper will focus on the chemical characteristics and use them to predict or identify potential issues before they occur rather than specifically name 'critical' soldermasks. It is also the intention of this paper to address the potential of a soldermask to react to common yield hiking practices like UV bumping and oven curing. It is hoped that this awareness will help fabricators to ensure maximum yields by asking the right questions. 'Critical’ soldermasks impact all selective finishes. In this paper, practical experience using immersion tin will be used to highlight the relationship between 'critical' soldermasks and some of the issues seen in the field. The paper will include a novel approach to identify re-deposited volatiles after the reflow.


Sansui Electric X ray Component Counter

Technical Library | 2020-08-05 03:42:00.0

Sansui Electric X ray Component Counter Sansui Electric Co., Ltd. is one of the world's oldest and largest audio-visual companies. Sansui Electric products have been fully involved in various fields, including notebook computers, air conditioners, traditional TVs, DVDs, and top electronic technology LEDs and LCDs. Why need Sansui Electric X ray Component Counter? The growth of the production line requires a large number of staff in the warehousing department to manage and control electronic materials, to realize timely inventory and update of material data, to prevent the lack of materials and the management and control of stagnant materials, and to provide more data for enterprise production. Basis, reduce costs. Advantage of Sansui Electric X ray Component Counter? Sansui Electric purchased the X ray component counter X7600 ( X1000 upgrade to X7600), which realized fast counting for Sansui Electric. Sansui Electric X ray Component Counter images X ray SMD counter can be used for 7-17inch Tape Reel/JEDEC Tray/IC moisture sensitive package. The speed can reach 7-12s/4 reels, and the accuracy can be as high as 99.9%. X ray counter can be connected to Sansui Electric's ERP system, and ERP can automatically Update the data so that the relevant personnel of the purchasing department and the production department can see the relevant data in a timely and effective manner, and make a production plan. Sansui Electric X ray Component Counter Youtube: Hope Seamark ZM X ray SMD counter can help more " Sansui", and reach automatic warehouse management. let we let get Sansui Electric X ray Component Counter! Family of Industrial X-ray inspection machine & BGA rework station Last Article:  Foxconn x ray Next Article: BYD Electronics Xray 6600 TSI Mexico use Seamark x ray machine TDK Navitasys India X Ray case Maybe you still are interested in: Solder paste printing defects and solutions in SMT chip processing process 日本山水电气株式会社是全世界历史最悠久、规模最大的影音企业之一。 Sansui Electric产品已经全面涉及到各个领域,包括了笔记本电脑,空调,传统技术的电视,DVD,和顶尖电子技术的LED和LCD. 生产线的壮大,仓储部门需要大量的工作人员进行对电子物料的管控,实现及时的物料数据的清点和更新,以防止物料缺少,滞料的管控,以此更大化地为企业生产成本提供更多的数据依据。 Sansui Electric 采购了X ray component counter, 为Sansui Electric解决了快速counting,速度可以达到7-12s/4 reels,精准度可以高达99.9%,X ray counter可以和Sansui Electric 的ERP系统相连,实现自动更新数据的目的,让采购部,生产部等相关人员都能够及时有效的看到相关数据,做好产能计划。

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Can You Afford Not To Improve in 2009?

Technical Library | 2009-01-29 00:28:58.0

Times are tough! Sales are down around the globe and it's getting more and more difficult to make a buck in the electronics industry. We all now have our cell phones and our big HD TV Screen at home so little of our materialistic world is unsatisfied. So how do we keep the doors open in 2009, let alone assure our future in the 21st Century?

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Analog FastSPICE Platform Full-Circuit PLL Verification

Technical Library | 2016-06-30 14:00:32.0

When designing PLLs in nanometer CMOS, it is essential to validate the closed-loop PLL performance metrics with nanometer SPICE accuracy before going to silicon. Transistor-level, closed-loop PLL verification has been impractical due to traditional SPICE and RF simulator performance and capacity limitations. By using Analog FastSPICE, designers dont have to trade accuracy for performance. Read this white paper to see how AFS: Delivers closed-loop PLL transistor-level verification Supports direct jitter measurements Produces phase noise results correlating within 1-2dB of silicon

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Fragility of Pb-free Solder Joints

Technical Library | 2007-04-18 19:23:22.0

Recent investigations have revealed that Pb-free solder joints may be fragile, prone to premature interfacial failure particularly under shock loading, as initially formed or tend to become so under moderate thermal aging. Depending on the solder pad surface finish, different mechanisms are clearly involved, but none of the commonly used surface finishes appear to be consistently immune to embrittlement processes. This is of obvious concern for products facing relatively high operating temperatures for protracted times and/or mechanical shock or strong vibrations in service.

Universal Instruments Corporation

Crimp Quality Standards Comparison and Trends

Technical Library | 2013-06-05 14:09:42.0

Quality standards are getting tougher each year. In these difficult times, wire harness manufacturers are looking to expand business in their existing markets and are looking for new markets. The following article will compare and contrast the current quality standards that are most commonly used today. It will review proper measurement techniques, discuss some trends in crimp quality, and address methods to improve efficiency in quality data collection.

Schleuniger, Inc.

When It Comes to Cost Reduction, Variation and Waste are the Enemy

Technical Library | 2009-03-05 15:46:54.0

In a recent survey of 89 organizations conducted by, respondents were asked what few key characteristics defined quality, in the eyes of their customer, the most popular response was: the product or service met my requirements. The next two most popular responses were: it worked like I expected and it was a good value, worth what I paid for it (...) So how do you continue to exceed customer expectations and simultaneously reduce costs? There are two paths to take. You can find and reduce the variation in your process and you can eliminate as much of the non-value-added waste in your operation.

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De-fluxing Eases

Technical Library | 2009-08-19 18:13:59.0

There are several advantages to using a contract assembler. One of which is maintaining the ability to dictate desired results. Therefore, how those results are achieved becomes someone else's concern. When you combine this with the fact that many contract assemblers are not accustomed to saying "no," you become a witness to the birth of innovation.

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Via In Pad - Conductive Fill or Non-Conductive Fill?

Technical Library | 2020-07-15 18:29:34.0

In the early 2000s the first fine-pitch ball grid array devices became popular with designers looking to pack as much horsepower into as small a space as possible. "Smaller is better" became the rule and with that the mechanical drilling world became severely impacted by available drill bit sizes, aspect ratios, and plating methodologies. First of all, the diameter of the drill needed to be in the 0.006" or smaller range due to the reduction of pad size and spacing pitch. Secondly, the aspect ratio (depth to diameter) became limited by drill flute length, positional accuracy, rigidity of the tools (to prevent breakage), and the throwing power of acid copper plating systems. And lastly, the plating needed to close up the hole as much as possible, which led to problems with voiding, incomplete fill, and gas/solution entrapment.

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