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SMTnet Express - September 30, 2021

SMTnet Express, September 30, 2021, Subscribers: 26,663, Companies: 11,449, Users: 26,872 Solutions for Selective Soldering of High Thermal Mass and Fine-Pitch Components The selective soldering process has evolved to become a

Reflow Profiling: Time Above Liquidus

Reflow Profiling: Time Above Liquidus Reflow Profiling: Time Above Liquidus Despite much research and discussion on the subject of reflow profiling, many questions and a good deal of confusion still exist. What is clear is that the pains often

Controlled Convection Rates

is temperature, obviously. Another is belt speed. A thi

SMTnet Express - February 18, 2021

SMTnet Express, February 18, 2021, Subscribers: 27,613, Companies: 11,285, Users: 26,477 Of the 88,000 engineers that visit SMTnet every month, over 87% arrive from using a Search engine ... Why is that??? Every day ... • Members

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Count On Tools, Inc.
Count On Tools, Inc.

COT specializes in high quality SMT nozzles and consumables for pick and place machines. We provide special engineering design service of custom nozzles for those unique and odd components.


2481 Hilton Drive
Gainesville, GA USA

Phone: (770) 538-0411

Selective Soldering Nozzles

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