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Statistical Process Control

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 22 20:32:09 EDT 2018 | jacobidiego

Hi Alexei, Is your solution opensource? Yes, I understand that most manufacturers try to sell licenses for their own SPC softwares, however sometime the information is stored in a file that could be opened.... for example hitachi HT-100 has Recall D

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X-Ray inspection system SAM is a high resolution x-ray system designed to address the inspection needs of BGA, CSP, flip Chip, semiconductors, and multi-layer board registration. SAM has created the HT for process development, process monitoring

Shenzhen Sam Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd

Universal Instruments VCD 88HT

Universal Instruments VCD 88HT

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Universal VCD 88HT Axial Sequencer/Inserter Vintage: 2013 Model: 6241K VCD 88HT 100 Slot Reel Capacity Upgrade Updated Retro Fitted Upper Head Chain IM Universal Platform Software IM-UPS eCom Station TCP/IP Voyager Software CPH: 20, 000+ Aut

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.MSMA042P1A Hot HT Melf nozzle ..1.8*1 (RO.55) Prev 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 Next Products and service Surplus SMT Machines SMT Peripheral Equipments Products News Contact US   China Head Office   +86-075521635007  sales@qy-smt.com

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vision placer pnp creator

ONLINE IPC Training & Certification
Online IPC Training & Certification

Easily dispense fine pitch components with ±25µm positioning accuracy.
PCB Handling Machine with CE

Software for SMT placement & AOI - Free Download.
Selective Conformal Coating System - GPD SimpleCoat

Inspection mirrors for electronic rework and repair.
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MSD storage in desiccant dry canbinets