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SMTnet Express - May 5, 2022

SMTnet Express, May 5, 2022, Subscribers: 25,613, Companies: 11,567, Users: 27,202 Electronics Manufacturing Technical Articles Rapid Deployment of Automated Test-System for High-Volume Automotive USB-C Hub Adoption and integration

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MY500 Inventoried and ready to go – IslandSMT

IslandSMT |

-0015 MY500 Control HUB L-039-0031 MY500 Control PIEZO L-039-0017 MY500 Control PIM Board L-039-0061 MY500 Assembly MY500 PCA MY500 SAF CAN Board L-039-0055


Universal AI SCREW 80001402 SBHS 6-32 X 38 Universal SMT Parts


. rail 03020668-01 MODUL / 1-Wire Hub PPW MODUL / 1-Wire Hub PPW 03020724-01 Winkelverteiler 2,5-Y60° / GR Winkelverteiler 2,5-Y60° / GR 03020792-02 Schutz HF R2 lang Haube gesamt COVER HF R2 LONG COMPLETE 03020794-02 Schutz X-HS R2 rechts Haube gesamt COVER X-HS R2 RIGHT SIDE COMPLETE 03020825-01 Schutz X-HS R rechts Hauben-S

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