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Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 05 15:06:53 EST 2002 | cbudzinski

HI can anyone tell me if they ask there board houses to hold to a max amount of contamination NaCl per sq /in on there incomming bare boards, I have a Ionograph 500SMD and have been testing some of the bare boards comming in to stock, some are much

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SCS Ionograph 500M SMDII - Lewis and Clark

Lewis & Clark | http://www.lewis-clark.com/product/scs-ionograph-500m-smdii/

: Other Tags: 500 500M SMD Alpha Metals Ionic tester Ionograh SCS Share this product Share with Twitter Share with Google+ Share with Pinterest Share with LinkedIn Share with WhatsApp Share with Facebook Related products Ransco 7210-2 Temperature Cycling Chamber Read more V-Tek Versa Counter Automated Component Counter

Lewis & Clark

Trockenschrank für Standardtrays, SMD-Rollen - XDry Trockenschränke

XDry | https://xdry.com/de/product/dry/

von mehr als 10 Jahren Ergonomische Merkmale Der XD-502 ist ein kompakter, hocheffizienter Trockenschrank mit einem Fassungsvermögen von 500 ?³ , der für Standardschalen und SMD-Rollen geeignet ist


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