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Testing of Manufactured PCB's

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 17 17:44:49 EDT 2001 | davef

What you do is reasonable. Some of these and other tests are covered in: * IPC-6011 - Generic Performance Specification For Printed Boards * IPC-6012A w A#1 - Qualification & Performance For Rigid Printed Boards

We're gettin' the standard!

Electronics Forum | Thu May 31 10:40:30 EDT 2001 | davef

See, all those bad thoughts we had ... The guilt, how do we live with it? 3 Spec Fir Tree General Technical Specification 3a Design/Layout: IPC-2221 IPC-2222 3b PCB Fab: IPC-6011 IPC-6012 IPC-4101 IPC-A-600 3c PCB assembly: J-STD-001 IPC-A-6

How to choose IPC in PCBA manufacturing?

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 29 20:28:59 EST 2003 | davef

The possibilities are dizzying, aren't they? In our dingy fog, if we don't understand your requirement, say so. 3 Spec Fir Tree General Technical Specification 3a Design/Layout: IPC-2221 IPC-2222 3b PCB Fab: IPC-6011 IPC-6012 IP

What is the role of IPC training in PCB Manufacturing and Repair?

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 11 04:22:29 EST 2017 | soldertraining

IPC standards are used by the electronics manufacturing industry. IPC different courses are available like IPC-A-600 Acceptability of Printed Boards IPC-A-610 Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies IPC-6011 Generic Performance Specification for Print

PC Board Guidelines

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 18 07:52:29 EDT 2007 | davef

Does the change from supplier to supplier as a result of: * Board definition? * Differences in processing at fabs? 3 Specification Fir Tree General Technical Specification 3a Design/Layout: * IPC-2221 * IPC-2222 3b PCB Fab: * IPC-6011 * IPC-6012 * I

PCA shipping requirements

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 28 08:27:05 EST 2006 | davef

Choices are: * IPC-RB-276 [superseded by IPC-6011/6012], Section 5 discusses some basic shipping and packaging requirements. Also, it references ASTM D-3951 and MIL-P-116. * Universal Instruments has done a nice job putting together a packaging speci

1oz Copper Sheet Specifications

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 09 18:03:39 EST 2008 | davef

First, you cannot determine foil thickness from its weight per area, because there is significant variation in the density of electrodeposited copper. Second, the official IPC specification for minimum thickness is "after" processing by the fabricat

Solder Mask Specification

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 24 18:09:44 EDT 2001 | davef

Allowing the board fabricator to define the board you expect to receive is fine, as long as they do a good job. Regardless of the existence of a clear product definition or not, it�s reasonable for you to argue that your receipts must meet the requi

Shrinkage in paper phenolic pcbs

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 23 10:28:23 EDT 2002 | davef

Ah, CHEAP boards. You pay me now, you pay me later, eh? The buyers get BIG bonuses. The production types get trashed, 'cause they can run aboard they've been doing for years. Wassup? For a specification, look to: * IPC-6011 - Generic Performance

PCB storage for lead Free

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 16 20:41:41 EDT 2008 | davef

Q1. Can anyone tell me if there is a procedure for storing raw PCB's? A1. Yes, there are thousands of procedures for storing raw PCB. Why so many? Everyone writes their own procedure. Generally, they say: * Boards require individual separation and p

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