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Cleanliness Testing Samples - What to Use?

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 04 20:06:31 EDT 2004 | davef

We know SIR coupons are not ROSE coupons, but coupon boards are: * IPC-B-24 (copper and HASL, FR-4 and polyimide) * IPC-B-36 (bare copper and HASL, FR-4 and polyimide) * IPC Phoenix board (bare copper, FR-4) * IPC-B-25A (FR-4, bare copper only)

No clean with higher SIR values

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 13 13:40:20 EDT 2006 | Bob R.

Wow, good luck. None of my test results would be helpful since we use IPC-B-24 test boards as received from our board suppliers so we have a clear understanding of what we're shipping customers, not necessarily paste performance alone. We'll only cl

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