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HuiKe Tech

HuiKe Tech

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The NO.1 One-Stop sourcing station in SMT & PCB Assembly industries with over 10 years of professional experiences,you can always get the high quality products with the cheapest price!

SMTBOX INC. - One Box, All SMT Spare Parts.

SMTBOX INC. - One Box, All SMT Spare Parts.

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SMTBOX is a leading distributor of a wide range of SMT spare parts in the entire world. We offer the highest quality laser products in a variety of sizes and configurations with prompt, professional, service at competitive price.

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ITF2 44mm

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 07 10:49:59 EDT 2005 | greg

Hallo I am looking for to buy refurbished ITF2 44 mm for TopazXi feeders. I am in UK. Please give me some information where i can find it. Regards Greg

placing 0201

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 16 11:07:15 EDT 2005 | Arek

Walcome, I am looking for an information about repetability and accurancy of placing component 0201 on the machines: Assembleon Topaz Xi II and Emerald Xi II. What is your experinces and is it a good chose to buy them for placing component 0201.? Do

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Assembleon AX301

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2 pcs AX301 machines, complete machines as they was used in production. AX301 Y/M:2008 W44 Machine config 3x trolley with ITF feeders - used 6x SPR + 4x CPR Nozzle station with nozzles Standart machuine AX301 Y/M: 2012 W41 Include PC with

Salescon Ltd.

Philips ITF2, ITF, TTF

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We have some feeders for various models of Philips SMT FCM1 8mm, 12mm FCM2 ITF2 : 8mm ~ 56mm TTF : 8mm Welcome for details Ricky

YS Industrial Company Limited

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PROMATION Integrates BarTender Software into Laser Marker

Industry News | 2007-10-25 09:01:13.0

Pleasant Prairie, WI � October 25, 2007 Last month PROMATION introduced their latest batch process style Laser Marking system that was designed to offer a low cost option for marking PCBs


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Philips ITF2 feeder

Philips ITF2 feeder

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A batch of Philips feeder as follows for sale, please contact us if you have interest:   8MM PA2654/08   12MM PA2654/18   16MM PA2654/28   24MM PA2654/38   32MM PA2654/48   44MM PA2654/58

KingFei SMT Tech

Yamaha KV8-M8870-00X VG32 oil 9965 000 10365 Turbine oil VG32 (Spline Shaft FNC parts)

Yamaha KV8-M8870-00X VG32 oil 9965 000 10365 Turbine oil VG32 (Spline Shaft FNC parts)

Parts & Supplies | ESD Control Supplies

YAMAHA KV8-M8870-00X VG32 oil 9965 000 10365 Turbine oil VG32 (Spline Shaft/ FNC parts) ASSEMBLEON AX501 AX301 AX201 FCM TOPAZ MG-1 ACM AQ-1 AQ-2 9498 396 02538 Filter CPL Toolbit 9498 396 02532 SPRING CPL TOOLBIT  9498 396 03148 CROS nozzle CP

KingFei SMT Tech

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Building a SMT PCB with Philips Topaz and Emerald machines.

Building a SMT PCB with Philips Topaz and Emerald machines.


Basically the machines I program and maintain at work. Pretty cool stuff! Our Philips Topaz and Emerald Machine building an SMT PCB. The Philips Topaz has 8 heads with vacuum that pick up components and place them on a bare PCB. The Philips Emerald

Amper Programas

Product test video

Product test video


please contact me when you get a chance: skype: andyzhou60 email: whatsapp:+8613477040905 wechat:H027345 Specifition NO VH-71T Processor Cortex

Shenzhen vanch intellgent technology Co,.Ltd

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INSERT INTO tracking_express (userid, username, page_id, ts) VALUES ('', '#Quser_profile.username#', 11, (#ts#)) SMT Express, Volume 2, Issue No. 2 - from Volume 2, Issue No. 2 Thursday, February 17, 2000

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Feeder Frenzy -Shark Week 2021- Assembleon - Lewis and Clark


! Assembleon ITF 3 Feeders 8mm – PA2655/10 – $350.00 ITF 2 Feeders 12mm – PA2654/10 – $350.00 16mm – PA2654/26 – $350.00 24mm – PA2654/38 – $350.00   Storage Carts – $800.00   And stayed tuned for upcoming deals on feeders from Mydata, Universal Instruments, Fuji, Juki, Samsung and more

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