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Re: feeder extension

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 29 17:10:25 EST 2000 | Jon Wentz

Hi Dave, What feeder model do you have? I took a quick look in my parts list manual and again, depending on your feeder model, you might be able to buy the needed part(s) from Zevatech/Juki. Have you checked with them yet? For example, the main feed

JUKI KE2060L - implementing new 44mm feeder

Electronics Forum | Mon May 26 04:59:12 EDT 2014 | jandon

Have you try to change feeder place manually somewhere else? Maybe even rear side of the machine?

QFNs in tubes. What is the best feeder to use for Juki?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 19 09:41:47 EST 2012 | charliedci

We have the same issues with QFN's on reels being cost prohibitive, so we also have to deal with tubes. We have had some luck with using a modified tube ran down (almost to the pick position) the channel of a belt feeder, assuming the QFN tube/channe

Flason SMT Products

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 04 00:03:28 EDT 2018 | gaintstar

flason smt pick and place machine: http://www.flason-smt.com/product/Hanwha-IC-placer-SM321-High-Speed-SMT-Modular-Chip-Mounter.html http://www.flason-smt.com/product/Hanwha-Pick-and-Place-Machine-DECAN-F2-High-Speed-SMT-Modular-Chip-Mounter.html htt

Multi Cluster Optimisation using HLC software for Juki

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 17 07:15:36 EST 2014 | garym4569

If you have feeders that you want to always stay on the same machine/position, enter them in the permanent data for the machine in the MSL setup. That is a simple way to reserve locations. Also, the optimization can use any common parts set in perm

Juki vs Mydata... again...

Electronics Forum | Sat May 13 00:17:40 EDT 2006 | George S

I had Mydata for several years, and got a Juki 2060R about 8 months ago. If I had to choose today, it would be Juki again. The features which help me are bank changing, where I can set up offline and change over in two minutes for all feeders. The

No such thing as a Compact Reflow Oven?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 20 03:45:39 EDT 2018 | reckless

Manncorp refuses to support used equipment. Plus their stuff looks like Torch ovens anyway with glorified controllers. They had a bad attitude towards their stuff. Did not sound like a responsible manufacturer to me. I did find two people suppo

No such thing as a Compact Reflow Oven?

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 20 03:55:38 EDT 2018 | rob

MTC = Multi tray changer. It's a stand alone unit that feeds in trays of components - it means you don't sacrifice feeder locations to waffle packs. Different companies call them different things. A 760 is dog slow, and spares are getting harder to

Chinese Production SMT Machines???

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 06 04:58:58 EST 2018 | reckless

My wish would be to put 2-3 smaller 4 nozzle/7000cph desktop units and not in line saving me changeover time. Mostly because of the small real estate footprint. I can put one next to my office running 110V/350W - its small enough to fit on my desk

Flason SMT Products

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 03 23:59:44 EDT 2018 | gaintstar

Flason SMT problem solving: http://www.flason-smt.com/new/PRINCIPLE-OF-SURFACE-MOUNT-PROCESS-SMT-PROCESS.html http://www.flason-smt.com/new/Printed-Circuit-Board-PCB-Price-Estimator.html http://www.flason-smt.com/new/Printed-Circuit-Board-Solder-res


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