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We have large stock for all brand feeder used on SMT pick and place equipment. JUKI:NF8*2,NF8*4mm,NF12mm,NF16mm,NF24mm,NF32mm, NF44mm,NF56mm FF8*2,FF8*4mm,FF12mm,FF16mm,FF24mm,FF32mm,FF44mm,FF56mm CF8*2mm,CF8*4mm,ATF8*4mm,ATF8*2mm KME CM402/602:8*2

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We are looking for Panasonic CM88S-M1 and CM20F-M machines,if you have them for sale,contact me please. Regards, Emily.


Panasonic CM20P-M

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Hi   I am looking for a unit of Panasonic KME CM20F-M  come with tray unit Contact me if available.   Regard Ken Peh

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Panasonic  M9 Type Single Tape Feeder

Panasonic M9 Type Single Tape Feeder

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Panasonic/KME/Panasert CM120-MU CM20F-M CM201 CM202 CM301 M9 Type Single Tape Feeder 1 M9A1CSM0000 8mm x 4mm Tape Feeder. Emboss.W8*1P.Wide. Small Reel 2 M9A1CVM0000 8mm x 4mm Tape Feeder. Emboss. W8*1P.Wide. Large Reel 3 M9A1NSM0000 8mm x 4mm Ta

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Panasonic KXF0DHSAA00 MOTOR TS4502N2227E500

Panasonic KXF0DHSAA00 MOTOR TS4502N2227E500

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CM402 KXF0DHSAA00 MOTOR TS4502N2227E500 We supply as following  Panasonic's spare parts, such as: feeders ,motors ,nozzles ,drivers ,cameras ,filters ,shafts etc,welcome to inquiry! Panasonic :CM201 ,CM202 ,CM212, CM232, CM401, CM402, CM602 etc.

ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited

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SMT Maintenance Engineer

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To : Sir/Madam Subject: Apply for Job Dear Sir/ Madam, I write to enquire if there is a vacancy for a SMT Maintenance Engineer in your firm.I am 40 years old a permanent resident of Singapore with an IC # S6863162i and i'm still work

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