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Solder flags

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 08 02:04:37 EST 2008 | lococost

IPC S-900T AERO states that these flags are usually caused by the the removal of l�d from solder(l�dfree). Acceptability depends on form/casing. e.g: you wouln't want a tin flag hanging out of your cellphone. Thanks for making my mondaymorning mor

Voiding in uBGA's w/blind uvia's in pads

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 24 22:15:16 EST 2001 | Glenn Robertson

Tony, I'm not sure if even baking will stop the voids if you have gaps in the plating. It probably doesn't take much moisture or even trapped air. I'm not speaking from a lot of direct experience here, so please run the tests and let us know wh


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