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Dektec Soldering Gear

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 18 04:10:06 EDT 2005 | Rob

Also look at the Chinese labour rate trend & the exponential growth in spending on luxuries (Cars, consumer goods etc.) At this rate we'll be their sweatshop in the next 10-15 years.

Where is the best country to set up Manufacturing factory

Electronics Forum | Wed May 21 04:46:37 EDT 2008 | kuantum

The free zone in Istanbul Turkey is a good option. the infastructure is good and good trading links with Europe. Tax deals are available lots of Labour. If you need any help let me know

Stencil Cutters

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 20 09:17:37 EST 2008 | stepheniii

And the labour involved is not just the machine operator. The data has to checked out, tweaked and the input file for the machine created. And you probably don't want a minimum wage person doing that.

two-sided design guidelines

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 24 01:10:54 EDT 2002 | pizz

thank ur kind help. the above two processes,which is more reliably,other words,robust? I am in a dilemma. some suggest that 50 pins is the critical point,once exceed the quantity,the hand soldering is not practical. I prefer to two sides reflow.but

Silly Attrition Levels

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 28 09:33:34 EDT 2003 | chrissieneale

This may be a really silly question but does anyone pick up and hand place the reject parts from the scrap bins of the machine? My attrition rates are out of control and i think this would not only highlight the problem but also save oodles of money

Leadfree Dross in Wave Solderpot

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 10 12:11:30 EST 2005 | Rob

Hi P-Y, Nitrogen = 15 euros per hour. Solder replenishement = 1kg per hour at 11.5 euros per hour. Obviously there is also the labour involved in scraping off the dross. Cheers, Rob. NB. For all our US friends a Euro is a strange Belgian inventi

kapton dots and liquid solder mask

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 09 11:56:01 EDT 2005 | Rob

We sometimes use a peelable mask the the PCB manufacturer (board house) adds as part of their process. It may seem an expensive option but avoids: Raising P/o's for tape/peelable mask as consumables booking & inspection Booking out to the shop floo

SMT machine shift to China

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 17 12:41:12 EST 2007 | Rob

I found the most infuriating attitude was the "if you're not in China you're not in the game" mentality of purchasing professionals. So what if there is a low labour (or labor) content and actually import duty and freight can out weigh this, and the

One part or two part shield

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 12 08:49:14 EDT 2018 | robl

Started with a 1 part shield and we had an 0201 tombstone due to the pad design. We changed the pad design but the customer wanted to be 100% sure, so we moved to a 2 part, adding the lid after verification. We also trialled the original 1 part c

automatic placement of pin through hole component

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 09 08:54:42 EST 2000 | pascal MATHIEU

Hello friends , in order to try to reduce our labour cost , we are thinking to replace manual placementof PTH COMPONENTS by automatic unit which 'll be able to place relays ,and connectors . is there anybody on this forum to advise us on this topi

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