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NeoDen Tech Co.,Ltd.

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Our machines are famous for stable runnning ,high precision & speed ,light-weight and easy operation ,which also help us win high praises from our clients .

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Small Run Prototype Assembly Services

Small Run Prototype Assembly Services

New Equipment | Prototyping

Our experienced engineers and technicians can craft processes that require a variety of surface mount technology (SMT) and plated through-hole (PTH) assembly techniques. ACI can assist manufacturers that require process development with solder alloy

ACI Technologies, Inc.

unmanned automatic face mask making machine

unmanned automatic face mask making machine

New Equipment | Industrial Automation

This unmanned automatic face mask making machine produces non-woven face mask body automatically from raw material to finished mask body.It can make produce continuous,more efficient,more stable,convenient and accurate counting,easy operate and

ASCEN Technology

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Centroid Data (or lack of it)

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 15 17:42:50 EST 2010 | ck_the_flip

We do not have capabilities with our current PCB layout software to generate a pick and place file and/or centroid data. Consequently, we are teaching all centroids at the machine. Are there any software tools or utilities that can take a basic ger

Centroid Data (or lack of it)

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 16 12:16:12 EST 2010 | jdengler

You may want to also check out a cheaper package. They advertise here. Unisoft is a simpler package which makes it cheaper. Jerry

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Juki JUKI2050 2060 2070 2080 and JUKI High Speed Machine

Juki JUKI2050 2060 2070 2080 and JUKI High Speed Machine

Used SMT Equipment | Pick and Place/Feeders

JUKI2050 2060 2070 2080 and JUKI High Speed Machine Due to the lack of company stock JUKI used mounter, The customer placed a device order to see which boss had an idle machine to sell, pls contact with me. Becky Su

ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited

Litepoint IQnxn

Litepoint IQnxn

Used SMT Equipment | General Purpose Test & Measurement

LitePoint IQnxn WiFi MIMO R&D Test Solution features multiple, synchronized vector signal analysis (VSA) and vector signal generator (VSG) instruments designed to characterize and test the latest MIMO WiFi (802.11n) products. The flexible system al

Test Equipment Connection

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Merix Corporation Updates Guidance for the Third Quarter of Fiscal 2003

Industry News | 2003-01-31 09:39:08.0

Expected to be Below the Guidance Provided During the Company's Earnings Conference Call on December 18, 2002


NEMI's Test Strategy Project Releases Cost Model

Industry News | 2003-05-22 08:54:17.0

Allows PCA Manufacturers to Compare Costs of Alternative Test Strategies


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Fuji How to maintenance NXT work head

Fuji How to maintenance NXT work head

Parts & Supplies | Pick and Place/Feeders

How to maintenance NXT work head If you have ever used XP machine,you should know as FUJI Fuji Mounter masterpiece, XP series of machines exist for 10 years, is a very mature product, involving the XP series machines, XP141E, XP142E, XP143E XP241E,

ZK Electronic Technology Co., Limited

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Lead-Free BGA Rework-Transition Issues

Technical Library | 2007-08-16 13:34:31.0

While experienced inspectors may be able to determine the aesthetic differences between a lead-free PCB assembly and a tin-lead version, one cannot rely on the "experienced eye". "Less wetting out to the pad edges" (Figure A) and "graininess and lack of shininess of the solder joint" (Figure B) are typical comments about some lead-free solder joints. However, in cases where a Nitrogen atmosphere was present during the reflow of the solder joint (Figure C), there will be little visual differences between the lead free alloys and their tin-lead counterparts.


Latent short circuit failure in high-rel PCBs caused by lack of cleanliness of PCB processes and base materials

Technical Library | 2021-03-10 23:57:29.0

Latent short circuit failures have been observed during testing of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) for power distribution of spacecraft of the European Space Agency. Root cause analysis indicates that foreign fibers may have contaminated the PCB laminate. These fibers can provide a pathway for electromigration if they bridge the clearance between nets of different potential in the presence of humidity attracted by the hygroscopic laminate resin. PCB manufacturers report poor yield caused by contamination embedded in laminate. Inspections show ...

European Space Agency

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I.C.T | How to make LED Panel with SMT Production line?

I.C.T | How to make LED Panel with SMT Production line?


LED panel is a kind of flat panel display which is composed of small LED modules. It is the largest and most widely used large-screen panel technology at present. It can be used not only indoors but also outdoors, waterproof, windproof and rain proo

Dongguan Intercontinental Technology Co., Ltd.

unmanned automatic face mask making machine

unmanned automatic face mask making machine


Link: automation medical face mask machine with inner loop welding is automatic from material feeding to mask collection 1.high automation with PLC, photoelectric detection for the raw material feed

ASCEN Technology

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Costly Controversial ESD Myths

Training Courses | | | ESD Control Training Courses

Browse training and certification programs for electrostatic discharge (ESD) control in electronics assembly.

EOS/ESD Association, Inc.

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Characterizing Electronic Components

Events Calendar | Thu Feb 13 00:00:00 EST 2020 - Thu Feb 13 00:00:00 EST 2020 | ,

Characterizing Electronic Components

DfR Solutions

Invited Speaker at APEX 2017 - Managing the Diminishing Supply and Obsolescence of PCBs for Legacy Systems

Events Calendar | Tue Feb 14 16:00:00 EST 2017 - Tue Feb 14 16:30:00 EST 2017 | San Diego, California USA

Invited Speaker at APEX 2017 - Managing the Diminishing Supply and Obsolescence of PCBs for Legacy Systems

ScanCAD International, Inc.

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Business Unit Manager

Career Center | Gloucester, Massachusetts USA | Management

Do you have the vision & experience but lack the opportunity? Outstanding opportunity to help define the vision and execute the strategic business plan for an electronics division of a successful global manufacturer. Ark-Les Electronic Products Corp

Ark-Les Corp

Quality Engineer

Career Center | Santa Clara, California USA | Engineering,Quality Control

NBS Inc. is a PCB contract manufacturer located in Santa Clara, CA. We are currently seeking to fill a position for a Quality Engineer. The ideal candidate will possess the ability to act in a supervisory role giving direction to personnel as it rela

NBS Inc.

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Quality Team Leader/Any Technical Profile

Career Center | kishan, India | Engineering,Maintenance,Production,Quality Control,Research and Development

1 year experience as a sales executive,and quality team Leader

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03086359-01_Suzhou Feierte electronic co.,ltd

KD Electronics Ltd. |

: RAL-Acryl Lack CM 9011 sdgl. RAL-Acryl Lack CM 9011 sdgl. PREVIOUS: 03086323-02 NEXT: 03086360-01 RELATED PRODUCTS CATEGORIES ABOUT US

KD Electronics Ltd.

PCB Libraries Forum : Double Segment Polarity Mark

PCB Libraries, Inc. |

:59amWe have decided that on many component families there is no room for double silkscreen outlines for Polarity Marking.  Instead, the new standard is the "Lack of Silkscreen" is the new polarity marker.  

PCB Libraries, Inc.

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