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ORION Industries

ORION Industries

Industry Directory | Consultant / Service Provider / Distributor / Manufacturer

ORION provides innovative solutions to our customers' EMI/RFI Shielding, Insulating, Screening and Sealing needs in a broad spectrum of manufacturing environments.

ASCEN Technology

ASCEN Technology

Industry Directory | Manufacturer

Manufacturer of automated production systems;PCB magazine loader,PCB separator,PCB cutting machine,PCB unloaders, PCB conveyors,PCB depaneling machines,PCB turn conveyors,PCB conformal coaters,PCB solder paste printer,PCB buffer

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Precision silk printing table precision handprint table SMT high precision screen printing machine high precision manual printing table

Precision silk printing table precision handprint table SMT high precision screen printing machine high precision manual printing table

New Equipment | Board Handling - Conveyors

Product features: This type of handprint table is mainly designed for single and double-sided circuit board solder paste or red glue printing requirements. The working platform is processed by honeycomb positioning holes of high-quality aluminum pla

KingFei SMT Tech

Automatic stencil printer

Automatic stencil printer

New Equipment | Printing

ASCEN Automatic stencil printer greatly improve its accuracy and performance. Now the design of the circuit substrate is fine and small.Most electronic product manufacturers in the market are switching to automatic or fully automatic solder past

ASCEN Technology

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Resistance laser cutting

Electronics Forum | Fri May 11 03:55:22 EDT 2007 | lupo

Hi everybody, Please could anyone shed any light on the subject: resistance laser cutting with flux- calibration of LEDs during electronic assembly phase. Should special equipments be used? What is exactly the process? Thanks and Regards,

Resistance laser cutting

Electronics Forum | Fri May 11 10:48:51 EDT 2007 | Rob

Hi Lupo, Are you talking about laser trimming the current limiting resistors in front of the LEDs, whilst dynamically measuring their output to get set light levels? If so then you need a laser trimmer & a very good photodiode/comparator feedback l

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Laserssel UV Laser Cutting   CMILS-003

Laserssel UV Laser Cutting CMILS-003

Used SMT Equipment | Depanelizers / Routers

UV LASER CUTING Machine for Camera Module PCB 4 Machine Stock


ASC International Laser Vision SP3D-ADC 3D Solder Paste Inspection

ASC International Laser Vision SP3D-ADC 3D Solder Paste Inspection

Used SMT Equipment | SPI / Solder Paste Inspection

ASC International Laser Vision SP3D-ADC 3D Solder Paste Inspection. This item is USED but should work as intended. This item came from a working environment. THIS ITEM COMES WITH WHAT YOU SEE IN THE PICTURES IF YOU DON’T SEE IT, YOU PROBABLY

World Equipment Source / R1 Source, Inc.

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Stencils Optimise Paste Release

Industry News | 2003-03-21 08:12:24.0

Tecan reckons it is consistently producing what may be regarded as the most efficient stencils in the world today.



Industry News | 2017-04-24 19:04:48.0

This year, MIRTEC will launch several new inspection machines equipped new cutting-edge technologies. MIRTEC is proud to be promoting these new machines in booth #1J10 at NEPCON China 2017, one of the biggest technical exhibitions of SMT and EMA, from April 25-27 at the Shanghai World EXPO Exhibition & Convention Center. MIRTEC’s new machines have been developed under a concept, ‘Perfect Inspection Solution’. This is an inspection concept involving the combination of 3D, 2D, and side-camera inspection.


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Juki Laser Unit repair

Juki Laser Unit repair

Parts & Supplies | Pick and Place/Feeders

We have laser unit for JUKI kEKE2010/2050/2060/2040/2020/FX-1 for sale. New & used avaliable.In order to extremely cut down your expenditure,we offer highly professional repair service for the one not in good condition. Our 15 years' experience in

KingFei SMT Tech

Panasonic Mounting Machine Acc

Panasonic Mounting Machine Acc

Parts & Supplies | Assembly Accessories

Panasonic SMT machine MSF board card, Panasonic MSF SC card, etc., also supply Panasonic SMT machine suction nozzle/suction nozzle rod/Feeder/laser/motor/blowing valve/plate card/vacuum valve/cylinder/camera CCD/ square cylinder/round cylinder/soleno

KingFei SMT Tech

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UV Laser PCB Depaneling Machine Improve Cutting Effect

Technical Library | 2021-09-02 08:17:07.0

We are a professional manufacturer of PCB depaneling machines, which is workable for all boards, including flex and regid boards, v-scored boards and routed boards. Laser pcb depaneling is non-contact way without mechanical stress,this solution is good for modern precision PCB depaneling. It has below advantages: 1. No dust The production environment of the circuit board industry is carried out in the dust-free workshop. The traditional pcb depaneling equipment, such as blade moving type machine, will inevitably produce residues and micro powder, which will pollute the 10000 and 1000 class dust-free workshops and affect the conductivity of products. The UV laser PCB cutting machine is a vaporization processing process, which will not produce dust and is conducive to the conductivity of the product. 2. High cutting precision The processing gap of high-precision traditional processing equipment can not reach the gap width of less than 100 microns, which will cause certain damage to the lines on the edge or PCBA circuit board containing components. The focus spot of the laser cutting machine is small, and the ultraviolet cold processing mode has little thermal impact on the edge of the circuit board. The cutting position accuracy is less than 50 microns, and the cutting size accuracy is less than 30 microns, which will not affect the edge of the circuit board, and the precision is high. 3. No stress Traditional processing methods generally have V-grooves, which will cause certain damage to the board in the manufacturing process. The UV laser PCB cutting machine can directly cut the bare board without making V-grooves. In addition, the traditional processing methods directly use tools to act on the circuit board, especially the stamping method has a great impact on the circuit board, which is easy to cause board deformation. The laser cutting machine is a non-contact processing mode, which acts on the surface of the material through the high-energy beam, which will not cause the influence of stress and the deformation and damage of the circuit board. 4. For special-shaped cutting, it is easy to automate The UV laser PCB cutting machine can cut for any shape without replacing any props and fixtures, and without steel mesh. The same equipment can meet special-shaped and straight-line cutting, which is easy to realize assembly line automatic production and high flexibility. It is easy to improve production efficiency and save production process and production cycle. In particular, it can quickly and efficiently meet the needs of rapid proofing, directly import the drawing, and then locate the cutting. 5. High compatibility The UV laser PCB cutting machine can process the materials around the circuit board, such as PCB, FPC, covering film, pet, reinforcing board, IC, ultra-thin metal cutting, etc. it has strong practicability, is compatible with the processing of a variety of materials, is easy to operate, can be imported into the drawing, does not need to adjust any mechanical parts, and is easy to operate and maintain. 6. Good cutting edge effect The cutting edge is smooth and neat without burr. It can be processed and formed directly according to the size of the drawing, which is conducive to improving the yield of the product. It can be directly installed into the subsequent process without further processing. For more details about UV laser depaneling, please feel free to contact us.

Winsmart Electronic Co.,Ltd

New BGA Solder Mask Repair Technique Using Laser Cut Stencils

Technical Library | 2007-02-01 10:08:40.0

The increased replacement of high lead count SMT devices with BGAs and other high ball count area array packages has brought increased challenges to PCB rework and repair. Often solder mask areas surrounding BGA pad areas are damaged when components are removed.


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circle blade PCB cutting machine|PCB separator|PCB cutting machine

circle blade PCB cutting machine|PCB separator|PCB cutting machine

Videos Hand push pcb cutter/PCB cutting machine manufacturer/PCB V-cut machine manufacturer/PCB depaneling equipment, automatic pcb cutting machine,

ASCEN Technology

PCB Depaneling machine/Nutzentrenner/PCB-LED cutter/PCB separator/PCB cutting machine/LED depaneling

PCB Depaneling machine/Nutzentrenner/PCB-LED cutter/PCB separator/PCB cutting machine/LED depaneling


The more detail and video please check the link: PCB Depaneling machine/Nutzentrenner/PCB-LED cutter/PCB separator/PCB cutting machine/LED depaneling Any inquiry please sent the email to : Whatap

ASCEN Technology

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SMTA China East Conference 2018

Events Calendar | Mon Apr 23 00:00:00 EDT 2018 - Thu Apr 26 00:00:00 EDT 2018 | Shanghai, China

SMTA China East Conference 2018

Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)

Pacific Design & Manufacturing

Events Calendar | Tue Feb 05 00:00:00 EST 2019 - Thu Feb 07 00:00:00 EST 2019 | Anaheim, California USA

Pacific Design & Manufacturing

UBM Canon

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Cad/Laser Tech

Career Center | Lumberton, New Jersey USA | Engineering

Reports to:  Cad/Laser Manager Department:  Cad Location:  Lumberton Phone:  609-261-2670  Ask for Greg Starrett Email:  Send resume as a word document or PDF to Job Summary: Under the general supervision of the Cad Manager

MET Stencil

SMT Laser Tech

Career Center | Ft Wayne, Indiana USA | Management,Production,Quality Control

Metal Etching Technology Inc. is one of the United States leading manufacturers of solder paste stencils for the electronics industry. Candidate's main responsibility will be to run a stencil laser cutting system for the printed circuit board indus

MET Stencil

Career Center - Resumes: laser stencil cutting (10)


Career Center | GURGAON, India | Engineering,Quality Control,Research and Development


CAD CAM (SMT Stencil Design) Engr &Team leader

Career Center | Bangalore, India | Engineering,Maintenance,Production,Technical Support

SMT Stencil designing & Knowledge of full SMT process software known CAD/CAM -circuit CAM Pro 7.3,GC Power station, GCCAM Edit,Auto CAD, Fault finding of Electronic Boards & Servicing electronic machines.

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SMTnet Express - September 12, 2019

SMTnet Express, September 12, 2019, Subscribers: 32,222, Companies: 10,879, Users: 25,108 Investigation of Cutting Quality and Mitigation Methods for Laser Depaneling of Printed Circuit Boards Credits: LPKF Laser & Electronics There are numerous

Evaluation of Stencil Foil Materials, Suppliers and Coatings

Evaluation of Stencil Foil Materials, Suppliers and Coatings Evaluation of Stencil Foil Materials, Suppliers and Coatings by: Chrys Shea; Shea Engineering Services , Ray Whittier; Vicor Corporation The past few years have brought PCB assemblers a

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SMT Stencil Printer, SMT Stencil Printer Products, SMT Stencil Printer Manufacturers, SMT Stencil Pr


Cleaning Machine Stencil Cleaning Machine PCB Protector PCBA Coating Machine Automatic Dispensing Machine Glue Potting Machine I.C.T Curing Oven IR Curing Oven UV Curing Oven Traceability Equipment Automatic Laser Marking Machine Automatic Label Mounter Automatic Inkjet Printing Machine Benchtop Robot Soldering Robot Screwing

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